Junior Software Engineer - Customer Experience Team

Qualtrics, Krakow, Poland

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The challenge:

Our mission is to create lasting and valuable customer experiences by hearing, seeing, and understanding every customer, at every meaningful moment and enabling our customers to take the best action. We are a Software‐as‐a‐Service group, building rich frontends, full‐stack microservices, mobile solutions and highly scaled and efficient backends to enable an enterprise‐scaled platform. We put great emphasis on code quality, code reviews, testing and operational excellence. In Krakow CX organisation we have three teams:

CX SFDC: SalesForce data collection team focuses on bringing together Qualtrics experience (X-data) and CRM operational data (O-data), allowing our users to have a holistic view of their own customer data, gather client feedback, create automated workflow triggers, and see all X and O data in a single view. We are expanding our integration portfolio to other platforms, moving towards a rich ecosystem around Qualtrics CX solution. As integration usage grows very fast, we need to scale and operate with large amounts of data daily. Our tech stack includes: JavaScript, TypeScript, NodeJS, React, AngularJS, DynamoDB, Docker, Jenkins and more. 

CX App: CX App team, with its main product B2B Command Center, provides account managers, sales, customer success managers and executives with a holistic view of their B2B customers with relationship insights and post-sales touchpoints. By joining X- and O-Data, our product enables customers to understand everything from the likelihood of a prospect becoming a customer, all the way through to identifying upsell opportunities to existing clients. Our customers have millions of accounts and contacts, on which we perform complex data analysis, allow interactions with customers, work with hierarchies and more. And this is just the beginning. This requires us to write scalable and efficient services. Our tech stack includes: Kotlin, TypeScript, React, DynamoDB, Docker, Jenkins and more

Location CX: Location CX team builds innovative features for Location Based Business (car dealerships, retail stores, travel and hospitality brands). Our main product is Online Reputation Management which integrates Qualtrics with social media sites like Google Reviews, TripAdvisor etc. which allows our customers to analyse experience data from various sources. Currently we’re heavily investing in integrations with Google and Facebook. We explore other location based features like geofencing and we’re one of key contributors to Qualtrics mobile app. We’re building a new product and we write lots of new code. We build customer facing, full-stack apps. We cooperate closely with Product Managers and UX Designers. Our tech stack includes: Kotlin, Spring Boot, TypeScript, React, React Native, DynamoDB, Kafka, Docker and more.

As a Software Engineer I  at Qualtrics, you should love building simple solutions to solve hard scalability problems. Designing systems in an agile environment to withstand hyper growth and owning quality from end to end is a rewarding challenge and one of the reasons Qualtrics is such an exciting place to work.

In Addition, You Will:

  • Develop scalable, fast, robust, and simple web-based solutions to solve complex business problems
  • Implement new features and optimize existing ones to drive maximum performance
  • Work closely with, and incorporate feedback from other engineers, tech-ops, and product managers
  • Attend daily stand-up meetings, collaborate with your peers, prioritize features, and work with a sense of urgency to deliver value to your customers

Experience Required:

  • Recent New Grads and candidates with up to 2 years of experience 
  • Strong level of curiosity and interest to learn
  • Strong algorithms, data structures and coding background
  • Disciplined approach to testing and quality assurance
  • Experience with professional software engineering practices (e.g. unit testing, code reviews, design documents)
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science

What differentiates us from other companies:

  • Work life integration is deeply important to us - we have frequent office events, team outings, and happy hours.
  • We take pride in our offices design aiming at cultivating creativity from our rooftop views to an open and collaborative work space.
  • On top of the standard benefits package (medical, dental, vision, life insurance, etc) we provide snacks, drinks, and free lunches in our office.
  • We believe in sharing Qualtrics success which is part of the compensation for all employees.


About Qualtrics

About us Qualtrics is a single system of record for all experience data, also called X-data™, allowing organizations to manage the four core experiences of business—customer, product, employee and brand experiences—on one platform. Over 8,500 enterprises worldwide, including more than 75 percent of the Fortune 100 and 99 of the top 100 U.S. business schools, rely on Qualtrics. To learn more, and for a free account, please visit www.qualtrics.com.


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