Software Engineer - Intern 2018

Quora, Mountain View, CA

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A Quora internship is not an ordinary internship. There's no busy work. Every project that our interns work on is important to the company and its goals.

We value building a culture with strong engineering values and goals because we believe that it is the key to building a great company and product. Interns play an important role in this, as they work alongside full-time employees as equals, working on the same projects that help drive the company and product forward. We expect interns to become valuable contributors to the team, as they work hand-in-hand with people ranging from engineering to design to business development.

We also realize that mentorship is important to allow interns to grow and develop skills in areas which they're looking to improve. For example, every intern will have a full-time engineer as a mentor, and weekly 1:1s with their managers to get feedback and ensure things are going well. We also emphasize code reviews and hold weekly engineering tech talks to maintain high code quality and to optimize for learning the best engineering practices.

Things we look for include:

  • Pursuing a degree in Computer Science or a related field.
  • Knowledge of Python, JavaScript, C++, or the ability to learn a language quickly
  • Experience with web applications, databases, distributed systems, and machine learning a plus
  • Passion for learning and always improving yourself and the team around you
  • Love of the Quora product

To give you a taste of what interns could do at Quora, here are some projects interns have worked on in the past:

  • Improving our JS packaging system for better client side performance
  • Creating the next version of our machine learning systems for applications including related questions ranking, harassment detection, and duplicate question detection
  • Providing advertisers a way to quickly estimate inventory availability for arbitrary targeting criteria in milliseconds
  • Building the first version of our iPad app
  • Getting higher-quality signal on users' interests during the new user onboarding experience
  • Developing algorithms to match questions across different languages
  • Improving site reliability with a better crawler detection framework
  • Developing a realtime analyzer for better monitoring of Redis
  • Rearchitecting an important part of the distributed systems that power our feed ranking
  • Making product improvements to the question asking flow to encourage more question asking

In the future, interns can expect to work on the same projects as full-time engineers, which include:

  • Product Systems: build out and scale user-facing product features to drive engagement and help the product grow.
  • Platform: create the building blocks of Quora—the tools, abstractions, frameworks, and infrastructure systems to support all development at Quora and power our product on all platforms — web, mobile web, iOS, and Android.
  • Infrastructure: design and build fast, cost-efficient, self-healing and scalable architectures to serve our ever-growing global traffic and storage needs.
  • Machine Learning: build systems and processes that apply ML technologies, including ranking, content quality, text understanding, search, ads targeting and CTR prediction, etc. 
We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.

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