Principal Engineer

Red Ventures, Charlotte, NC

Digital Consumer Choice Platform

Front End, Principal Engineers drive business and vertical initiatives and architecture for websites and website applications. They are responsible for leading a team(s) of technologists while remaining technically proficient. They will still be responsible for some execution themselves and must be able to provide technical feedback to their team members. They maintain a tight loop between development, feedback, and deployment. They will craft a solution to a business problem, design the architecture and drive the implementation of the solution, through both their personal efforts and delegating to their teams.

Principal Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Interface with RV biz team/ business owner (GM, CE team, etc.) and external biz team/partner - technical advisor and partner
  • Collaborate and assist as part of engineering leadership in architecting solutions for the business and/or product - can be internal or external (i.e., integrating with existing partner solutions)
  • Make the high-level, critical technical decisions regarding the front-end UI of any site/application/project supported
  • Accountable
    • Deliverables of the team and owns the results
    • Team development, including evolving team’s technical depth
    • Team organization (task delineation and management, team structure)
  • Develop the scope and timelines for all front-end code tasks/projects, and manages people and workload
  • Provides management and mentorship and the transfer of knowledge to fellow team members
  • Provide expert technical direction, communication, and feedback to the business team
  • Strong technical skillset – ability, willingness, and passion to roll up their sleeves and produce high-quality code
  • Strong business acumen/tech translator
  • Design strategic solutions
  • Impact tech organization outside core team - advocating for the team
  • Identify and help to solve RV Tech wide issues and opportunities
  • Tech assessment and placement - human capital and recruitment
  • Assist engineering in 3rd party vendors and solutions

Critical Skills

  • Expert knowledge and practical implementation of:
  • Semantic markup using HTML5
  • CSS through the use of pre-processors such as SASS, LESS, etc.
  • Can develop fully responsive websites (using CSS media queries… JS-based solutions not accepted as meeting this criterion)
  • Create clean, well-organized and structured code in all of the above
  • Advanced debugging and troubleshooting skills
  • Experience with build tools (Grunt, Gulp, NPM, Bower, Webpack)
  • Experience with version control tools (Git)
  • Expert ability to scope and timeline a technical front-end project with the understanding and ability to gather the necessary inputs on their own
  • Expert ability to make the right technical decisions to build a solution meeting the requirements (expertise in technical options/approaches combined with project requirements and constraints)
  • Have the capability to architect a performant, scalable, and reliable technical solution to meet business needs and technical constraints
  • Understanding of further reaching technical concepts (API’s, modular concepts, modular CSS, JS etc.
  • Influential communicator with technical and non-technical individuals
  • Share their knowledge and grow fellow developers through documentation, code reviews, mentorship, and training
  • Can work autonomously and with self-initiation


  • 10+ years of professional relevant experience in the role building websites, the front-end interfaces of web applications, or the like
  • Previous experience building sites from scratch, writing plug-ins from scratch or developing app UI layer from scratch
  • Advanced-to-expert knowledge of Web standards, semantics, and advanced concepts such as asynchronous development, repeatable patterns, modular concepts
  • Have the aptitude to learn new tools, technologies, languages, and platforms

Impressive skills: 

  • Reactjs/Vue.js expertise (these two are preferred, but Angular would get some points)
  • Ability to architect and develop their own API’s
  • Ability to architect and develop build scripts (Gulp and Webpack preferred)
  • Ability to develop Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), Electron apps, React Native apps, or mobile native apps
  • Ability to somewhat cross the threshold into the backend (those that go more full-stack)
  • Practical Implementation of Web Accessibility Standards (compliance with WCAG 2.0 Level AA preferred)
  • Knowledge of Digital Marketing acumen concepts and principles (SEO, SEM, PPC, etc)
  • Building their own side projects showing more advanced skills
  • Contributing to an open source project
  • Volunteering time educating/mentoring fellow developers


Red Ventures is a multi-billion-dollar portfolio of digital companies that specializes in bringing consumers and brands together. Through bespoke technology, integrated digital commerce and sales, distinguished partnerships, data science and original content from the company’s proprietary brands and marketplaces, Red Ventures provides better end-to-end consumer experiences throughout the buying cycle.  Headquartered in the Charlotte metro area, Red Ventures has more than 3,600 employees globally in offices across the US, UK and Brazil.

About Red Ventures

Red Ventures is a leading digital consumer choice platform based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Through deeply integrated brand partnerships and consumer-facing assets, Red Ventures connects online customers with products and services across high-growth industries including home services, financial services, and healthcare.

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