Lead Generation Associate

Reelio, New York

The Art & Science of Influencer Marketing

Reelio is looking for a part-time lead generation resource for qualifying and setting up

meetings for Reelio Influencer Marketing & Activation Platform (IMAP) for enterprise

clients. Resource will be approaching company targets in the following areas: Media

and publishing, multi-channel networks (MCNs), and agencies.  

About this Company

Reelio is an influencer marketing platform, driven by world-class optimization analytics, that

provides brands the benefits of working with the best influencer agencies, but automated and at

a fraction of the time and cost. Reelio’ patent-pending technology uncovers predictive data and

leverages meaningful insights to let you build and manage networks of highly-relevant social

video influencers at scale, with automated workflow streamlining every step of the process.

Reelio is a venture backed, fast growing, fun company of 41 passionate people.   We are

welcoming new team members that want to shape the future world of advertising and social


About the Role

This role will include outbound marketing both via email, phone, and content marketing to

media, publishers, MCNs, and agencies.

Reelio will provide resource with a set of qualifying questions that will help determine readiness

for an enterprise sale. If not an enterprise client can potentially also explore managed service



 Develop contact protocols with Reelio

 Prioritize targets with Reelio

 Develop marketing materials/content marketing with Reelio

 Provide weekly call reports with notes

 Weekly call with team

 Potentially participate on sales calls for learning or added value in transition

 Set meetings at point of contact

 Expectation 2x per week proactively responding to client emails as soon as possible

Key Competencies

 Experience in influencer marketing

 Fearless, ability to reach out to high level contacts at large companies multiple times

 Positive, upbeat attitude with excellent, polite phone etiquette

 Ability to craft emails and content to gain attention of targets

 Ability to navigate within large organizations to get to right decision maker

About Reelio

By mastering both the art and science of influence, Reelio enables brands, agencies and publishers alike to find and work with the right influencers at the right price. The result is original branded content that not only entertains, but also educates and inspires at unparalleled scale and ROI.


Want to learn more about Reelio? Visit https://reelio.com/