Inside Rémy Cointreau

If you appreciate top-shelf spirits, here's a top-shelf company to work for.

Rémy Cointreau's values are "Terroir, People and Time." Be one of those people.


Remy Cointreau USA possesses a superior portfolio of luxury spirits known and respected throughout the world. We have a strong and dedicated network of professionals that have the privilege to carry on the tradition and heritage of the brands we represent. We believe great people make great brands.

Our history is derived from over three centuries of craftsmanship. The excellence created by this ideal union of people and terroir is our most precious asset. Safeguarding these brands for future generations is at the core of our responsibility. Our ambitious goal of superiority should permeate through all of our actions and our mission of “Terroir, People and Time” should be evident in all of our endeavors.

Our employees are ambassadors of both our brands and our values. The qualities of ingenuity, courage, innovation, and dedication are interwoven in our thoughts and actions. We believe in investment in the growth and development of our employees, who are charged with carrying on the rich heritage and tradition of Rémy Cointreau.

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