Senior Full-Stack Software Engineer

Rocketrip, NYC

Rocketrip is fundamentally changing the way employees spend company money.

When was the last time you were planning a business trip and really tried to save your company money? If your company allowed you to stay in a fancy hotel, would you ever volunteer to stay at an Airbnb or at a friend's house? How about flying coach instead of business class? The vast majority of employees optimize for comfort and convenience, spending at the high end of their company policy limits, because, well, why not? So how can a company get its employees to care about expenses without implementing draconian policies, creating friction and frustrating employees? How can a company motivate its employees to save?

The answer is Rocketrip. We're a NYC-based startup that rewards business travelers for cost-sensitive behavior. It's a win-win: companies save, while employees cash in with real rewards.

The Role:

Rocketrip software engineers have a penchant for solving unique problems. If you love and thrive on keeping up to date with and gaining a deep understanding of the latest web technologies, you will love working with us. Rocketrip is as much about web design as it is about employing diverse areas of Computer Science, including machine learning, information retrieval, distributed computing and natural language processing to transform the professional travel industry.


  • Write server-side code for web-based applications, create robust high-volume production applications, and develop prototypes quickly. You should also have a strong understanding of, and practical experience with front-end and API application development.
  • Build our platforms, systems and networking infrastructure using your strong background in both database and web development.
  • You're testing obsessed because we all know that you're not a real engineer unless you know how to test.
  • Be a leader. Drive the team to drive towards well thought out designs, clean architecture and models that make sense.
  • Be a mentor. Executing within a senior role means you are willing to help across the board and have the experience to provide guidance away from where we could fail while providing the insight for how we are going to succeed.
  • Be a teacher. Own our mistakes, learn from them and help us continue to get better and better one sprint at a time.


  • BS degree (or higher) in Computer Science or related field (In lieu of degree, 4 years of relevant work experience).
  • 5 years minimum of relevant work experience, including large systems software design and development experience, with knowledge of UNIX/Linux.
  • You're a polyglot with experience applying multiple web development languages to live applications.
  • Agile processes are core to how you take advantage of a team and deliver. You recognize that Agile is not a means to micromanage, versus provides us the ability to be nimble while empowering the team to make decisions.
  • You're well-versed in a web application stack. Pick any of them, they kinda all work the same, just recognize that we're not going to switch to your favorite one (just yet).

Bonus Points

  • You have engineering skills in Python, database design and SQL, and/or knowledge of web deployment and the basics of HTTP protocols.
  • You're an entrepreneur at heart - you can be resourceful and creative to find the best solution that gets the job done.
  • You have a good design eye, strong UI development experience using HTML, CSS and JavaScript/AJAX.
  • With a solid foundation in computer science, you have strong competencies in data structures, algorithms, and software design.

What We Care About

  • Passion and interest in web technology and pushing to change the status quo.
  • Comfort with a startup's lack of structure and quick pace.
  • Shipping stuff that works.
  • You're passionate about communicating your ideas.
  • You're here to learn and grow.
  • and above all else. You're excited about what we're doing and want to be a part of it.

To apply, include your resume, a link to your portfolio or work samples and a brief introduction. If you have them, include links to your GitHub accounts.

Founded in 2013 and headquartered in New York City, Rocketrip is aiming to revolutionize business travel by introducing the motivation to save. We're a group of tech innovators who looked at the current state of business travel, became frustrated by the antiquated employee and employer experiences, and decided to do something big about it. Our team is focused on utilizing technology, design and data to align employee and company interests.

Rocketrip is backed by a renowned set of investors and advisors, including Bessemer Venture Partners, Canaan Partners, Genacast Ventures, and Y Combinator.

About Rocketrip

About us Rocketrip cuts a company’s travel costs by incentivizing employees to spend less on their trips. When employees get to keep a portion of the savings they generate, they start to treat the company’s money like it’s their own. Rocketrip’s software combines real-time travel prices, company policy, and a suite of patented algorithms to set customized budgets and predict what a trip should cost. Business travelers beat their budgets by making cost-conscious choices like booking in advance, selecting a cheaper hotel, or staying with friends. The company saves money, and the employee earns actual rewards. Rocketrip provides comprehensive reporting and seamlessly integrates into any existing corporate and expense technology stack. If you want to rein in business travel costs while improving corporate culture, visit rocketrip.com

Want to learn more about Rocketrip? Visit Rocketrip's website.