Senior Automation Engineer

Rubrik, Bangalore

Bringing Speed and Scale to the Enterprise

About the Role:
As a Senior Automation Engineer, you will be responsible for the design, development,
testing, deployment, and management of cloud infrastructure directed by the support
engineering team. The infrastructure supports SaaS-based big data analytics and
machine learning services, developed in-house at Rubrik.
Technology Stack
The infrastructure stack incorporates physical hardware (colo), cloud-based virtual
machines, and container management services (Kubernetes). Management is
predominantly through Terraform and Ansible, leveraging Helm-based configurations for
service management in Kubernetes.
Services under management on this stack include those of typical big data services,
including message brokers, in-memory caches, SQL, no-SQL, and time-series
databases. In addition to these, the environment hosts monolithic python applications
(leveraging the Django framework) and various microservices developed by Rubrik.
Role and Responsibility
You will be responsible for service delivery, reliability, scalability, monitoring
(observability), and defining playbooks supporting immutable infrastructure-as-code. In
support of this, a successful candidate should be able to:
- Deploy and maintain critical applications in cloud-native and microservice
- Design, establish and maintain continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD)
pipelines for existing and new services.
- Collaborate with Engineering and IT Operations teams on improving automation of
workflows, infrastructure, testing, and deployment.
- Identify systems that will benefit from automation, monitoring, and infrastructure-as-
code, developing plans to deploy and scale them accordingly.
- Brainstorm new products, enhancements, and solutions that continuously challenge
and improve products, performance, system/data backup, security, and user
- Remain up-to-date on industry trends, promote knowledge sharing among teams,
abiding by industry best practices for configuration management and automation
- Share on-call responsibilities (in rotation) with members of the devops team
Minimum Requirements
- Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in Engineering, Computer Science, or a
related field.
- 2-3 years of professional experience in a devops or systems engineering role.
- 2-3 years of professional experience with Linux and GitHub.
- 2-3 years of professional experience with Amazon Web Services
  (including IAM, EC2, VPC, ELB, ALB, EKS, Autoscaling, and S3).
- Prior experience with Jenkins, GitHub Actions, or similar CI/CD tools.
- Prior experience with Terraform, Ansible, or similar infrastructure-as-code tools.
- Prior experience with Grafana, Prometheus, Alert Manager, ELK/ElastaAlert, or similar
monitoring tools.
Preferred Skills
- Prior experience with NoSQL, SQL, time-series, and in-memory database systems
(Elasticsearch, Redis, Graphite, Influx DB, OpenTSDB, Cockroach DB, Snowflake,
- Prior experience with Nginx, uwsgi, Celery, RabbitMQ software.
- Prior experience with Docker, Kubernetes/EKS, or similar cluster-enabled container
- Experience developing in Bash, Python, or similar scripting languages.
- Experience developing in Go or similar programming languages.
- Knowledge of IP networking, understanding the OSI L7 model, routing, firewalling,
NAT, subnetting, VPC/VLAN, and VPNs in cloud environments (AWS, GCP).
- Strong interpersonal and communication skills.

About Rubrik

Rubrik is a cloud data management platform. They manage data and computing systems for large companies with operations spanning multiple compute clouds. Their goal is giving complex enterprise systems the simple interface of a consumer application.

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