Senior Software Engineer, Full-Stack - Assets Team

Samsara, San Francisco

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Samsara provides a software-as-a-service platform with connected sensors to help businesses improve efficiency, safety, and quality. Samsara’s network of hardware devices delivers terabytes of data per day to our IoT platform, providing real time data to 7000+ customers worldwide, from emerging businesses to Fortune 500 enterprises.

The Team: Assets and Equipment Tracking

  • The team Develops software solutions with connected sensors to track, control, manage valuable moving assets and equipments capturing a key new market for Samsara.

  • Vision: This team's vision is to enable businesses efficiently operate and manage physical mobile assets and equipment. This is achieved via building an array of sensors, IoT gateways and software applications to provide an ecosystem of cloud-connected field operations

  • Current Tech stack:  End to end full-stack from the FW code running on devices to backend and client facing mobile / web, Amazon AWS microservice architecture, Terraform, docker, Golang, GRPC, Protobuf, Typescript and React Native, Amazon Kinesis / SQS

Your Impact

  • As a senior software engineer you will own and lead some of the most critical components of our system
  • You would architect, scope, estimate, plan, execute, and deliver major features and capabilities
  • You will build applications that utilize sensor collected telematics (a continuous flow of 1000s of Events per second) to provide services such as:
    • Map visualization of clustering asset location around known addresses
    • Microservice to asynchronously pair a hooked trailer using the tractor speed, GPS, etc.
    • Efficient message protocols for low power asset tracking devices to support over the air updates, two way communication and telematics updates
    • Event detection and realtime notifications
    • Interactive interfaces that provide insights on asset utilization
  • You would mentor other engineers and develop your leadership skills
  • You will work with great engineers across teams enabling you in your career growth
  • You will be seeding a team that would shape the future of the IoT industry


  • 4+ years of experience in building production software applications
  • Experience with backend server side development preferably in Go, Java, Python, Node.js, or C++
  • Experience with client side development preferably in React, Javascript, or Angular


At Samsara, we welcome all. All sizes, colors, cultures, sexes, beliefs, religions, ages, people. We depend on the unique approaches of our team members to help us solve complex problems. We are committed to increasing diversity across our team and ensuring that Samsara is a place where people from all backgrounds can make an impact.

About Samsara

About Breakthroughs in semiconductors are making sensors smaller and radically cheaper, and wireless Internet connectivity is becoming ubiquitous. Yet traditional enterprise-scale sensor systems still require complex infrastructure, from hard-wired networks to servers, middleware, and custom code. As a result, sensor projects can take months — if not years — to bring online. Samsara disrupts the traditional sensor model with an integrated, software-centric solution. Our products combine plug-and-play sensors, wireless connectivity, and rich cloud-hosted software, all tightly-integrated for simple deployment. Samsara was founded in early 2015 by Sanjit Biswas and John Bicket. Sanjit and John previously co-founded Meraki, the cloud networking leader. Meraki was acquired by Cisco for $1.2 billion in 2012, and under Sanjit and John's continued leadership became one of Cisco’s fastest growing businesses. Samsara’s team includes veteran executives and technical leaders from companies including Google, Apple, and Meraki, who bring experience in big data, cloud software, and hardware design. In Sanskrit, "Samsara" is the eternal cycle of life and rebirth.


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