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Samsara, San Francisco

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Samsara’s network of hardware devices deliver data to our IoT platform. Once the data has been processed, users can access detailed information about their commercial fleets and industrial centers through our web application. Our customers use this data, which includes real-time GPS fixes, aggregated reports over weeks of data, and alerts for disallowed driver and vehicle behavior, to understand and optimize their operations.

We use Go for our backend, Typescript and React for our web client, GraphQL to fetch data from our backend, React Native for our mobile app, and run on AWS. Direct experience with these technologies is not required.


As a software engineer focusing on full-stack at Samsara, you will design and develop features for our web platform. This involves working on our backend data processing and analytics systems, as well as building out new user interfaces. You’ll tackle engineering challenges ranging from aggregating data from thousands of devices and sensors to presenting the data in intuitive ways that provide actionable insights for our customers’ operations.

You might work on:

  • A dashboard for customers to optimize fuel usage over a fleet of vehicles that drives a million miles per week
  • Designing and building a system to efficiently query and process historical data to support sophisticated user searches (“what vehicles in my fleet drove within x miles of this address y two weeks ago?”), and the UI for it.
  • Implementing a MapReduce framework to distribute and optimize analysis of large data sets.
  • A mobile app that allows drivers to log daily activity and accept delivery tasks

An ideal candidate would:

  • Currently be pursuing a degree in Computer Science or a related field
  • Enjoy shipping features that are immediately used by our customers
  • Have completed at least one project-based class in school

Embedded Systems

As a software engineer focusing on embedded systems at Samsara, you will develop software that runs on tens of thousands of these devices, deployed by our industrial and enterprise customers. You’ll tackle a wide array of challenges, from working on device drivers to building systems in Go.

You might work on:

  • Traffic shaping for a Wifi Hotspot
  • Work on features all the way through the stack from Firmware to UX
  • Create infrastructure to upload logs to AWS S3

An ideal candidate would:

  • Currently be pursuing a degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science or a related field
  • Have some experience with linux or writing applications that run on embedded devices
  • Thrive in an environment that encourages rapid deployment and product iteration

Bonus points if you:

  • Have hacked together a system with an Arduino or Raspberry Pi before
  • Have worked on a personal project outside of class

About Samsara

About Breakthroughs in semiconductors are making sensors smaller and radically cheaper, and wireless Internet connectivity is becoming ubiquitous. Yet traditional enterprise-scale sensor systems still require complex infrastructure, from hard-wired networks to servers, middleware, and custom code. As a result, sensor projects can take months — if not years — to bring online. Samsara disrupts the traditional sensor model with an integrated, software-centric solution. Our products combine plug-and-play sensors, wireless connectivity, and rich cloud-hosted software, all tightly-integrated for simple deployment. Samsara was founded in early 2015 by Sanjit Biswas and John Bicket. Sanjit and John previously co-founded Meraki, the cloud networking leader. Meraki was acquired by Cisco for $1.2 billion in 2012, and under Sanjit and John's continued leadership became one of Cisco’s fastest growing businesses. Samsara’s team includes veteran executives and technical leaders from companies including Google, Apple, and Meraki, who bring experience in big data, cloud software, and hardware design. In Sanskrit, "Samsara" is the eternal cycle of life and rebirth.


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