Python Web Developer

Satellogic, Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Remote

Live insights from planet Earth

Satellogic aims to capture every square meter of the Earth's surface to derive insights and enable better decision making for industries, governments, and individuals. Addressing some of humanity’s most pressing challenges, such as providing food or distributing energy for nine billion people without depleting resources, requires real-time planet-scale data. Satellogic has created small, inexpensive satellites that transmit real-time data and images back home. Our constellation already has several high-resolution satellites in orbit and is growing to 300 in the next few years to provide new insights about our planet.


Python Web Developer

As a member of Satellogic’s Software team, you will be working on a wide range of technical issues, and contribute to the solution of very challenging problems. You must love programming, have proven software development experience and see coding as a key means to validate your ideas. 


In this role, you will:

  • Write and implement software solutions 
  • Write reusable and testable code
  • Identify and suggest various ways to improve efficiency and functionality
  • Design, develop and support software to operate a constellation of satellites

What we value:

  • Strong software engineering skills in Python.
  • Experience in web development, developing frontends and RESTful APIs.
  • Ability to function independently and in a team environment.
  • Object-oriented design, agile mentality.
  • Detail oriented.
  • Excellent English and great communication skills overall.
  • Distributed version control (GIT).
  • Knowledge and experience working with distributed systems.
  • Experience with working with containers, infrastructure as code and cloud providers (Azure, AWS).
  • An active member of the community: PyCons, PyDays, meetups, mailing lists or similar.


Satellogic values diversity and inclusion and is an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to hiring and developing top talent from around the world for any given discipline. We work to build an inclusive environment in which all people, regardless of gender, race, religion, or background, can come to do their best work.

About Satellogic

Our goal is to enable a real-time understanding of our planet. How will we provide food for nine billion people? How will we generate and distribute energy to this population? How can we achieve that in a sustainable manner, without draining resources from future generations? ​In the midst of global interconnectedness, accelerated change and rising competitive pressure, we strive to empower companies, governments and individuals to make smarter decisions based on updated global data and insights. By monitoring changes in real time on a planetary scale, we are transforming our relationship with the planet, helping us tackle the most pressing challenges, and creating a new layer of worldwide awareness.

Want to learn more about Satellogic? Visit Satellogic's website.