Senior Software Engineer, Core LMS

Schoology, NYC HQ

The only learning management system that connects the people, content, and systems that fuel education.

Schoology, one of the fastest growing education technology companies, is putting collaboration at the heart of the learning experience with an easy-to-use learning management system (LMS) that connects the people, content and systems that fuel education. Millions of students, faculty and administrators from over 60,000 K-12 schools and higher education institutions worldwide use Schoology to advance what is possible in education.

Working at Schoology offers you a chance to help solve the most important challenges in education in an environment that’s fun, collaborative and innovative. We are looking for smart, creative individuals who are passionate about education and aren't afraid to show it.

What you'll do:

You’ll build rich web experiences used by students, parents, and educators every day. These will be single-page apps, built to scale responsively from mobile devices to desktop browsers.

You’ll build scalable APIs for our partners and customers to use. Nearly every feature exposed through our UI is available through a RESTful API. Many of our customers rely on this API to make Schoology work with all of the other software in their world. And we do too: a lot of our software is built on top of the same API. You’ll help us expand and improve that API, making sure that it performs well even with lots and lots of traffic.

You’ll release new software every day. We practice continuous integration and continuous delivery. You’ll get your first change into production in your first week. And from there you’ll be making changes that millions of people will see nearly every day.

You’ll troubleshoot problems our customers have. Sometimes software doesn’t work as intended, and our customers can’t do what they’re supposed to be able to do. You’ll help find out what went wrong, decide how to fix it, and get things back up and running quickly.

You’ll work closely with our Product Management, Product Operations, Quality Engineering, and Design teams to help decide which features to build and how to build them. We want to hear your ideas, not just tell you what to do.

What we're looking for:

We’re looking for you, if you’re an experienced, full-stack web developer. More specifically, we’re looking for:

  • Someone with a fair amount of experience working on both server- and client-side web software. You should understand how HTTP works, why Test Driven Development (TDD) is critical while writing code, what React is, what an XSS attack is, and how an MVC web framework works. That will probably mean you’ve been doing this stuff for 5+ years.
  • Someone who understands fundamental computer science concepts. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have a CS degree. But you should be able to describe how a pointer works, what Big O notation is and how to use it, when to use composition and when to use inheritance, and the differences between an array and a linked list and a set.
  • Someone with a firm grasp of SQL and databases in general (including non-relational databases). You should know how to do CRUD operations, what indexes are and why they matter, and the difference between a left join and an inner join for instance.

Our tech stack and software development process:

Most of our software is written in PHP, Java, and JavaScript. You’ll work with these languages and possibly more as we continue to grow. We’re not worried about checking off boxes for specific languages. As long as you have a background with any mainstream object-oriented language and have great engineering fundamentals, we believe you can get up to speed with any similar language quickly.

We believe you should be empowered to own the entire life of your software, from the initial design through release and monitoring. And we believe you should be responsible for that software’s continued health. After all, that’s what really matters — the software needs to work correctly so teachers can focus on teaching..

All team members at Schoology are expected to embody our core values which are Passion, Collaboration, Innovation, Curiosity and Integrity.

Our mission is to continuously advance what is possible in education.  You in?

Schoology is an Equal Opportunity Employer and embraces diversity of every kind.

About Schoology

Millions of students, educators, and administrators from over 60,000 K-12 schools and higher education institutions worldwide use Schoology to advance what is possible in education. Their mission is nothing less than personalizing education for every student in America.

Want to learn more about Schoology? Visit https://www.schoology.com/