Senior Android Engineer

Scoop, San Francisco, California

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About Scoop

Scoop brings co-workers and neighbors together to enjoy a smooth carpooling experience—unlocking new opportunities to create friendships, improve their well-being, and make the most of their valuable time.

In this role, you will:

  • Provide technical leadership and architectural guidance
  • Contribute to a high-quality, tested Java & Kotlin codebase
  • Implement features to help our carpoolers have meaningful commutes
  • Represent engineering to collaborate with product managers on product features
  • Help shape architectural vision and engineering roadmap for Android platform
  • Coach and mentor other engineers on design principles and best practices
  • Work on engineering and company wide initiatives

You should:

  • Be knowledgeable about the Android ecosystem and user interactions
  • Care deeply about quality
  • Have experience with or very eager to learn test-driven development
  • Love mentoring and collaborating with other engineers
  • Have hands on mobile development experience, experience on multiple mobile platforms (Android and iOS) a huge plus
  • Have strong verbal and written communication skills being an effective listener and able to adapt your message based on the audience
  • Be self-motivated, willing to jump in and actively plug gaps
  • Have delivered software features and/or tools that required cross team collaboration
Life @ Scoop

Founded in 2015 and based in downtown SF, our team mixes technology and elbow grease every day, with one statistic in our crosshairs: 80% of Americans drive alone to work. At Scoop, we envision a world where commuters feel empowered — starting with a choice to make their commute a meaningful part of their day. We embody that same spirit within our own culture, empowering every team member to make this the most meaningful experience of their career.

Walk into Scoop and you’ll find a furry, tail-wagging welcoming committee. In many ways these fluffy faces exemplify the energy that flows through our office. They are a reminder that while we’re focused and driven, we shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously. They also help bridge the gap between our homes and our workplace, just like a Scoop carpool.

The atmosphere overall is dynamic and unique. It’s influenced by our backgrounds at successful startups, big tech companies, and premier consulting firms — blended and crafted into what feels natural and right for this company. It plays out in our balance of scrappy and strategic, frameworks and fast thinking.

At Scoop, we’re all united by our desire to change the way people get to work — and committed to enjoying the journey together along the way.

About Scoop

Scoop, the company that brings commuters together in carpools they love by partnering with their employers. Scoop unlocks new opportunities to make friendships, improve your well-being, and make the most of your valuable time. Founded by Rob and Jon Sadow in 2015, our team mixes technology and elbow grease every day, with one statistic in our crosshairs: 80% of Americans drive alone to work, wasting valuable minutes every morning. A big problem? Sure, but we know we can crack it through our talents, partnerships, and the Scoop Community that’s already exploding.


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