Senior Product Manager

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Duration: Full-Time

About Scoop

Scoop enables every company to confidently operate a hybrid work model (remote + in-office) while still maximizing safety, productivity, and performance. During COVID, more than 70% of the office-based workforce shifted to full-time work from home. Looking ahead to a post-COVID world, millions of organizations will undergo a major transformation to hybrid work, with 96% of all employees saying they want to work from home at least once per week. With Scoop, companies empower those employees with the flexibility to do their best work everywhere, increasing engagement and job satisfaction.

Product Management @ Scoop

A generational change in the way people work is just beginning, and Scoop’s platform and products will be the software at the center of that transformation. We’re building the “operating system for hybrid work” and helping Employers and their Employees thrive in this new hybrid world.

The Product Management team is central to this effort, responsible for developing a deep understanding of the rapidly changing work environment and creating solutions to empower our customers and their employees. We believe product excellence comes from harmonizing customer insights, external data, and a vision for the future of work.

As a Senior Product Manager, you’ll work hand-in-hand with Engineering, Design, and the Go-to-market team to bring products from initial concept to customers and employees’ daily lives. You’ll help expand our platform’s solutions for Workplace Safety, Workplace Utilization, Team Coordination, Desk Management, and Commute, across our mobile apps, browser extension, customer dashboard, and 3rd party integrations.

In this role, you will:

  • Own the end-to-end development of meaningful features and new products that enhance the Scoop platform for Employers and Employees
  • Work closely with UX and Engineering to scope, prioritize, design, and ship great products
  • Help craft, evolve, and communicate the long-term product roadmap to customers and the Scoop team
  • Collaborate cross-functionally with Product Analytics, Sales, and Customer Success to turn product data and customer insights into solutions
  • Support, analyze, and improve operational processes that accelerate the team’s Agile development process

You should:

  • Be comfortable moving quickly and managing multiple development efforts in parallel
  • Have a strong foundational knowledge of core technical and business strategy concepts (with an eagerness and aptitude to learn more)
  • Be comfortable leading development and operational efforts across a variety of stakeholders, functions, and seniority levels
  • Have significant overall experience as a high-performing Product Manager

  • Important note: as long as you have the experience/abilities, we don’t care how you got there! This may look like 5+ years in industry in related roles, a relevant advanced degree, or any other meaningful experience

You might:

  • Have prior experience building SaaS products and/or working on early stage teams
  • Thrive in contexts rich in ambiguity, uncertainty, risk-taking, and learning
  • Like to play with and leverage data using SQL or Excel-jitsu
  • Be passionate about learning and challenging yourself in new environments
Life @ Scoop

At Scoop, we are taking on the ambitious challenge of building the tools, data, and insights that will enable any organization to successfully enable a hybrid workforce. We believe employees everywhere should be able to operate with flexibility and freedom - at home and at the workplace. We feel rewarded when we help give people the opportunity to do their best work and we embody that same spirit within our own culture. “Bet on ourselves and our team” is enshrined in our values and we work hard to ensure every team member’s time at Scoop is the most meaningful experience of their career.

Scoop’s atmosphere is dynamic and unique. It’s influenced by our backgrounds at successful startups, big tech companies, and premier consulting firms - blended and crafted into what feels natural and right for this company. We balance being both nimble and strategic by ensuring that we think quickly, create frameworks to assist in decision making, and adjust our roadmap when new information arises. We’ve worked hard to develop a culture we’re extremely proud of and excited to share (we’ve even won awards for best leadership, culture, diversity, compensation, and benefits along the way!) 

Scoop was started in 2015 with a focus on improving the daily commute for employers and their employees. We built Scoop into the largest carpooling platform in the country, believing deeply in what it meant to bring meaning and empowerment to the daily lives of employees. We developed tremendous expertise along the way in solving challenges at the intersection of employer and employee.

Now, as we look ahead to 2021, we know COVID has transformed the world - and the commute - and it’s clear that hybrid work is the future. With an incredibly talented team of ~32 people, several years of runway, and tremendous expertise in building solutions for HR teams and their organizations, we’re excited to expand our focus and lead the transition to the hybrid workforce.

About Scoop

Scoop, the company that brings commuters together in carpools they love by partnering with their employers. Scoop unlocks new opportunities to make friendships, improve your well-being, and make the most of your valuable time. Founded by Rob and Jon Sadow in 2015, our team mixes technology and elbow grease every day, with one statistic in our crosshairs: 80% of Americans drive alone to work, wasting valuable minutes every morning. A big problem? Sure, but we know we can crack it through our talents, partnerships, and the Scoop Community that’s already exploding.


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