Lead Technical Artist (UNITY/iOS/ANDROID)

Scopely, Culver City, CA

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Scopely is looking for a Lead Technical Artist to direct our efforts in structuring technical art foundations for the Dice franchise.

Join us! We are a highly engaged group of developers driving to make an excellent game. We value teamwork and a sense of humor.

Core responsibilities

  • Work with external Art Director and art team to visualize elegant solutions to complex ideas.
  • Work with Engineers to identify production bottlenecks and repetitive workflows that can be automated.
  • Lead the planning and execution of new tools and scripts to speed up production.
  • Create and own initial prefab creation for project’s most complex feature UI and Scenes being developed.
  • Implement 2D in-game assets into Unity using UGUI.
  • Rigorously maintain a naming convention and folder structure for the game Client as well as source art directory.
  • Manage the organization and package management of all DLC assets.
  • Guide and mentor tech artists throughout all phases of development to ensure that artists are using the latest and most effective industry standard methods.
  • Ensure that overall game performance from an art perspective is a constant priority (draw calls, memory consumption, etc.).
  • Establish and maintain a semi-frequent 1:1 schedule with direct reports.
  • Create and maintain any and all Art TDDs.


  • Expert using Unity with strong experience in using UGUI, 2d/3d animation in Unity, State Machines, Tween animation, Lighting, Shaders, Asset Bundles, Texture Compression, Optimizations
  • Expert using Adobe Photoshop, specifically file setup, actions, scripting.
  • Strong at using Autodesk 3dsMax / Maya
  • Strong at c#, mel, python, maxscript, javascript and/or other scripting languages
  • Experienced with character rigging and/or controller creation
  • Experienced with PBR and/or node-based shader creation
  • Good sense of layout, composition, graphic design, color, font, typeface
  • 5 years + Experience working on mobile games for Android and/or iOS
  • Must have shipped at least one title on mobile
  • Strong organizational, communication and listening skills

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