Financial/ Sr. Financial Analyst

Sentieo, New Delhi


Sentieo is powering the future of financial research in a $30B market to create a dynamic and revolutionary central hub for public equity research. Sentieo is the financial data terminal, reimagined. Our vision is to accelerate human productivity and collaboration to fundamentally improve the workflow of all knowledge economy professionals. Built by former hedge fund analysts, our tool allows these professionals to drastically increase their speed and coverage without sacrificing the depth of their research; enabling them to focus on meaningful work that only humans can do.

With a $19M Series A funding round under our belt, we are excited to propel Sentieo into the next phase of our company’s global growth - from advanced, unprecedented product development to accelerated team scaling and expansion. Join our team as we reimagine the future of fintech.

We are looking for financial analysts who think the current research tools just aren't cutting it anymore and want to build something much better.

What you'll do:

  • Play a critical role in maintaining data integrity of the product that clients interact with.
  • Help in Design and development of cutting-edge features.
  • Establish standards and conventions that help us reach our goal faster. This position is especially challenging because you will be working with incredibly large, complex financial and social data sets. Your job will be to help find innovative ways to interpret and analyze these data sets and make them available to our users.
  • You will be helping build the next generation of products that gives an edge to our clients over the clients of our competitors. 

Job Description:

  • Acquiring data from primary or secondary sources and defining processes to integrate them with the system. Be responsible for data integrity in all stages of new products and feature additions.
  • Build analytical tools and processes to clean and validate the accuracy of data. Identifying and analysing trends or patterns in complex data sets.- Building curated data sets using the existing tools and features built in the product.
  • Use computer programs and tools including Word, Excel, and interface with Python and R developers.
  • Communicate well both in writing and orally.
  • Collaborate with other team members and share information and insights.
  • The role requires keen attention to detail and solid financial/accounting knowledge. Familiarity with Excel, basic web development knowledge (Python, JS), and native fluency in business English are a plus Requirements:
  • Previous experience as a financial analyst (ideally public or debt markets) 0-2 years
  • Organised/ Detail oriented.
  • Enthusiastic and communicative- Understanding of and interest in financial statements, macroeconomics and valuation techniques.

Desired Skills and Experience:

  • Financial Analysis.
  • Macroeconomics.
  • Valuation.
  • Equity Analysis.

Our company values diversity and believes diverse teams make innovation possible. We work on complex, difficult problems with no linear or clear solutions. We believe that a diverse team can bring different perspectives and approaches, and whose experiences reflect the full set of clients we seek to serve. As such, Sentieo is committed to a diverse representation among our employees.

About Sentieo

We set out to build Sentieo to help you find an edge. As former hedge fund analysts, we are very familiar with the challenge of digging through an inhuman amount of information to find that one key data point that makes or breaks your investment thesis. With new datasets appearing daily, your job as an investor continues to grow more challenging and complex. This is why we built Sentieo. Sentieo is a financial data platform underpinned by the latest search technology. We overlay search, collaboration and automation on key aspects of an analyst's workflow so that you can spend less time searching and more time analyzing. Don’t take our word for it. We would love nothing more than to show you what we have built.


Want to learn more about Sentieo? Visit Sentieo's website.