Software Engineer - Full Stack

ShareThis, Palo Alto

Free share buttons and tools for your website or blog

ShareThis serves traffic on millions of domains and utilizes the traffic to collect data that powers the business. This data allows us to improve our publishers’ experience and power a growing Advertising business. Our services must remain highly available and our data processing has to keep up with terabytes of data and billions of requests daily. We manage our infrastructure with Kubernetes on Amazon EC2, we build web applications and services with javascript and golang, and we process petabytes of data with Spark and BigQuery.

What You'll Do

  •  Build highly responsive production-ready applications using React.
  •  Architect APIs and services with node.js and MongoDB
  •  Work closely with Amazon and Google big-data technologies such as Dynamo and BigQuery
  •  Develop services that will be used by millions of domains
  •  Work closely on both publisher-facing products and ad technology partner products

What You'll Need:

  •  B.S. Computer Science (Preferred)
  •  Highly experienced with React.js and/or node.js
  •  Expert knowledge of data structures and their practical applications
  •  Experience with BigQuery, DynamoDB, MongoDB, node.js, and React

About ShareThis

A pioneer in the industry, ShareThis believes the desire to share is rooted deep within human beings, reflecting passions, wants and lifestyles that are constantly fluctuating throughout the day, week and month. By identifying these human sentiments, ShareThis gains a better understanding of people, thus empowering a more personal and relevant internet experience. Due to the dynamic nature of humans, ShareThis recognizes the value of real time for publishers, advertisers or any data-driven business and has built a social data platform designed to process actual first-party data in actual real time. The ShareThis consumer engagement and sharing tools are used by three million publishers to drive engagement, traffic and personalization, capturing the widest and deepest sentiments of people across the internet. These sentiments flow into the ShareThis platform as terabytes of data that are processed daily to better understand people, making social data actionable for any business that requires a holistic view of people or customers. This understanding powers the ShareThis Real-Time Marketing (RTM) Engine, which targets constantly changing audience interests based on first-party sharing data and caters to their most relevant and recent affinities. RTM is the solution of choice for some of the world’s largest brands to activate audiences across all screens and digital ad formats.


Want to learn more about ShareThis? Visit ShareThis's website.