Junior Site Reliability Engineer - Data Engineering

Shazam, London

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Hundreds of millions of users. Billions of tags. Countless moments of discovery. Shazam brings a unique brand of magic to millions every day. It’s our people – their imagination, skills and ideas – that shape our future, and help us make the impossible come to life. Bring us your vision, and it’ll be you creating the wow moments that excite people across the world.

Role scenario

Shazam’s apps generate thousands of data points per second. It’s the job of our Data Engineering team to convert that raw data into useful and meaningful insights. This role plays a key part in making sure that the data engineering pipelines are monitorable, scalable, and cost-effective. Therefore, it would suit a systems engineer who is keen to get involved with the world of Big Data - this role spans the gap between Data Engineering and Site Reliability Engineering.

Where does the role sit?

Joining our London based team and reporting to the Site Reliability Manager for Data Engineering, this role will liaise with Data Engineering and other SRE teams to support the data architectures within Shazam. 

What will you do?

  • Help design and improve data pipelines with the goal of making them easily monitored and cost effective
  • Commit code for instrumenting new and existing data pipelines with stats and monitoring hooks
  • Install, upgrade, and maintain our production Splunk infrastructure
  • Help scale and improve our in-house stats infrastructure, supporting over 600,000 individual metrics per minute
  • Research next-generation monitoring and metrics collection tools and utilities
  • Learn and help guide our Data Engineering team towards SRE best practices
  • Support the architecture and systems that collect data in real-time from over 120 million unique users per month

Who You Are:

  • Possess' a keen interest in Site Reliability Engineering, especially that of supporting Big Data platforms and environments
  • An excellent communicator who builds collaborative relationships with technical and non-technical stakeholders
  • An aspiring leader that engineers are excited to work with
  • A person who likes to move fast, pragmatically tackling problems with a can-do attitude
  • A passionate individual who loves getting their hands dirty in designing, analysing and troubleshooting Big Data systems
  • A meticulous automator who actively looks to eliminate routine tasks by writing software
  • A dedicated lifelong learner who is always looking for new things to learn and try

Experience required:

  • Experience in designing and operating large-scale platforms that can easily service thousands of requests per second
  • Software engineering and development experience in at least one of the following: C++, Go, Java, Python, or Ruby
  • A proven track record of operating systems in a cloud environment, preferably Google Cloud Platform
  • Experience in designing, delivering and managing data infrastructure at scale
  • Technical understanding of modern batch and real-time data technologies (e.g. Kinesis, Spark, EMR, Redshift, Airflow, Google DataFlow/DataProc etc.)
  • Experience managing large volumes of data in cloud services while controlling costs


About Shazam

Shazam is one of the most popular apps of all time, downloaded over a billion times and used by hundreds of millions of people each month to connect to the world around them.

We pioneered music-recognition technology, but Shazam has become the destination for discovering all types of content–all with one tap: audio, video, print, augmented reality and more. 

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