Part time Japanese Music Specialist

Shazam, Tokyo or San Francisco Bay Area

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Role Scenario


It’s our job at Shazam to keep telling the world the name and artist behind the music that they want to discover. That means we have to house a huge catalogue of data that enables us to do so. This role is crucial in keeping our databases up to date within the Japanese market.

You will work closely with Shazam Music team to assist in expanding Shazam’s database with specific focus on long tail niche/specialty and regional genres across the Japanese music world. This will be achieved through supervised media analysis related to radio, web, advertising, TV, and film.

You will require excellent attention to detail, and deep knowledge of the Japanese MUSIC market: J-Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, Anime, Dance, EDM, Jazz, Noise, Game Music, Enka, and Traditional, cross checking our database to fill any gaps.

Where Does The Role Sit?

This role can be based either in Tokyo or in the San Francisco Bay Area, and will report to our Redwood City based Head of Music Operations, whilst interacting with the wider Shazam Music team.

What Will You Do?

  • Work to maximize Shazam’s database of MUSIC fingerprints across the Japan MUSIC market.
  • Use Shazam’s software to ingest MUSIC in line with Shazam’s Meta data policy.
  • Prioritize coverage based on audience size.
  • Maintain weekly reports of all work.
  • Work as needed with Product and Business development team on special projects – localization, identifying growth opportunities and partnerships.

Experience: Required

  • Ability to read, write and communicate in Japanese and English.
  • Ability to navigate Japan MUSIC media with ease.
  • Self-motivated; ability to take initiative to improve UX.
  • Proven computer skills and previous work experience.
  • Have recent, verified Japanese Radio, Label, PR and/or Web MUSIC experience.
  • Demonstrate efficiency, dependability, and resourcefulness in all the above.
  • Candidate lives in Tokyo or San Francisco Bay Area


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