Software Engineering Returnship

ShopKeep, ShopKeep Belfast

Today, our mission is simple: Empower independent business owners to dream big.

About This Role

ShopKeep is seeking a Software Engineer to join our growing team. You’ll be working on features to improve the experience of our existing customers, and also features that will expand our reach into additional markets.

We are interested in filling the position with someone who took some time away from their Engineering career and is looking to rejoin the industry. Maybe you took some years off to be a caregiver, stay-at-home parent, serve in the armed forces, or recuperate from an illness or injury. We believe your previous experience is valuable, is not diminished by the time you spent out of the workforce (in fact, maybe you learned other skills that will make you an even better engineer!), and we want to work with you to get you ramped up and comfortable with current best practices and tools.

We have a strong teaching culture (weekly tech talks, paid accounts to reference libraries like O'Reilly Safari and Egghead.io, thorough and respectful code reviews, a pairing culture, quarterly hackathons, etc) and you’ll have many opportunities to learn and grow while contributing to our codebase.

You would be a great fit if you have a real passion for new technologies, helping small businesses succeed, and a desire to grow, learn, and share your knowledge.


  • Write clean, readable code, including excellent test coverage
  • Participate in our peer code review process and pairing sessions
  • Collaborate with the team in the development and delivery of new product features
  • Mentor and be mentored


  • 3+ years of experience as a Software Engineer prior to leaving the workforce with a solid understanding of Computer Science fundamentals including data structures, software engineering paradigms, design patterns, etc.
  • Experience in at least one backend, front-end, or mobile programming language (e.g. Ruby, Python, Java, JavaScript, Objective-C, Swift, etc.).
  • An ability to communicate clearly and effectively


  • Ruby, especially with Rails
  • Experience with a microservice architecture
  • Database experience especially PostgreSQL
  • JavaScript, especially with React


  • Lively and enriching Engineering culture 
  • Regularly scheduled hackathons, meetups and Tech Talks 
  • Opportunity to attend Engineering Conferences, thanks to our generous company conference budget 
  • Newsletters produced by Engineering teams
  • Cross-office collaboration between our NYC and Belfast teams with the opportunity to travel to our different offices 
  • Regular team events, including Happy Hours and Game Nights
  • Catered lunches 
  • Breakout area to play pool and relax
  • Yoga classes
  • Standing desks

ShopKeep is an Equal Opportunity Employer

We are an Equal Opportunities Employer. We do not discriminate on grounds of religious belief or political opinion. Furthermore, we don't discriminate based on gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, nationality, or any other individual characteristics. We practice equality of opportunity in employment and select the best person for the job. 

To demonstrate our commitment to equality of opportunity in employment we need to monitor the community background of our applicants and employees, as required by the Fair Employment and Treatment (NI) Order 1998. You are not obliged to answer the questions on this form and you will not suffer any penalty if you choose not to do so. Any information that you provide will remain confidential and will only be used for monitoring and reporting purposes.

Important: If you answer the questions about your community background and gender you are obliged to do so truthfully, as it is a criminal offence under the Fair Employment (Monitoring) Regulations (NI) 1999 to knowingly give false answers to these questions.

**Please submit a cover letter (no more than one page) describing your time away from your Engineering career.  This is to ensure you are eligible for our returnship role and is not part of the selection criteria.

Note: This role will start as a temporary position, working a standard work week, with the possibility of it becoming a permanent full-time role, depending on work performance. Performance will be evaluated after four months, and ideally, we will love working together and we will ask you to stay as a full time employee.

About ShopKeep

Born out of frustration with the traditional cash register business, ShopKeep was designed by a retailer with a noble aim: to rescue independent business owners from the nightmare of archaic point of sale systems, and replace it with something beautiful, simple and affordable. It turned out that by doing this, we were giving our fellow merchants a fighting chance against the big guys. So we kept doing it.

At ShopKeep, we’ve been successful because of our awesome team that believes small businesses make up the heart of their communities. If you want to defend the independent spirit of “Main Street," you’ve found your kind of people.

Want to learn more about ShopKeep? Visit ShopKeep's website.