Full Stack Developer

Sighten, San Francisco


Sighten is looking for a full stack software developer interested in building key components of our platform. As an early engineering hire, this person will have the opportunity to contribute mission critical code right away and help to shape fundamental aspects of the product. All early technical hires at Sighten will be expected to develop well-designed, reusable, scalable code with complete complementary testing and deployment architecture. All early hires should be willing and able to periodically take on a variety of company roles as needed.


  • Team player with a positive attitude who loves to hack and collaborate
  • 3+ years relevant work experience preferred
  • Excellent Python skills
  • Significant experience developing dynamic, scalable web applications, preferably using an MVC framework like Django
  • Strong understanding of RESTful web service APIs and relational databases
  • Familiarity with JavaScript, ideally with front-end frameworks like AngularJS
  • Comfortable in linux environment

About Sighten

Built by solar experts for solar companies The Sighten story began when Conlan O’Leary and Graham Hommel met while working together at Spruce Finance. In 2013, they founded Sighten to provide an independent software platform to foster growth in the residential solar market.

From the outset, Sighten’s mission has always been to empower the diverse businesses leading the solar revolution. We provide solutions for solar installers, channel managers, and financiers.


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