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Sighten, San Francisco


Duration: Full-Time

Sighten is a San Francisco start-up driving greater adoption of renewable energy by connecting investors to clean energy projects through an integrated, cloud-based software platform. We have built the most advanced software toolset for solar. Our comprehensive platform spans the entire lifecycle of a solar asset from tools that streamline origination, system design, and sales/operations to features that automate ongoing reporting and analytics.

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About Sighten

Built by solar experts for solar companies The Sighten story began when Conlan O’Leary and Graham Hommel met while working together at Spruce Finance. In 2013, they founded Sighten to provide an independent software platform to foster growth in the residential solar market.

From the outset, Sighten’s mission has always been to empower the diverse businesses leading the solar revolution. We provide solutions for solar installers, channel managers, and financiers.


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