Equipment Engineer (Experienced)

Sila Nanotechnologies, Alameda, CA

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Sila Nanotechnologies is working to revolutionize energy storage by developing next-generation Li-ion technologies that increase energy density and reduce the cost of storage. We’re seeking a self-sufficient, fearlessly hands-on Equipment Engineer with an aptitude for learning new things and taking big, complex projects across the finish line. This position will focus on designing, procuring, and commissioning successive generations of capital equipment for battery materials synthesis.

At Sila, we handle the full gamut of machine development, including: top-level conception, detailed mechanical design, specifying and sourcing components, designing industrial control electronics, writing PLC and machine control code, facility planning, machine construction and qualification, and ongoing upgrades. As we scale, we’re increasingly driven by strong, successful engagement with subcontractors to design and build subsystems. The ideal candidate will have experience in most or all of these areas.

Job Responsibilities

  • Working collaboratively with other teams, design machines and subsystems for production-scale synthesis tools. This includes mechanical, electronic, and software components.
  • Turn these designs into hardware and code, either in-house or with outside vendors.
  • Engage successfully with a range of different outside vendors, contractors, and tradespeople.
  • Deploy and bring online your (and others’) hardware and supporting facilities.
  • Develop meaningful, robust unit tests for tools and document them rigorously.
  • Debug hardware and equipment-driving software throughout the company.
  • Gather feedback from end-users of your work and distill into actionable modifications. Iterate.


  • B.S. in engineering (M.S. preferred)
  • Effortless proficiency at designing and generating mechanical parts and assemblies
  • Basic electronics and wiring practices knowledge (analog signals, AC and DC power fundamentals, control wiring best practices, and diagnostic tools)
  • Experience with complex automated equipment and familiarity with associated code stacks
  • CAD expertise (SolidWorks preferred)
  • Experience generating outward-facing document packages and working with fabricators and subcontractors to get things built
  • Proficiency with manual fabrication and basic machine shop tools
  • Minimum of 5 years of work experience (or 3 for candidates with an M.S.)

Good to Have

  • Demonstrated the ability to build and deploy complex, mission-critical capital equipment that is both robust and reliable
  • Experience in fields with meaningful technical risk and scientific depth (e.g., extreme temperatures, extreme pressures, unforgiving chemistry, critical flows and fields)
  • Vacuum and chemical processing experience
  • Experience with field-deployed electronics, sensors, and actuators
  • Industrial automation / PLC programming (IEC61131 languages) and .NET development
  • Experience with materials science, chemicals, PV, semiconductors, or batteries is a plus

About Sila Nanotechnologies

Sila Nanotechnologies Inc. is delivering the next generation chemistry of materials that change the landscape of what is possible with batteries. We enable dramatically higher energy density batteries for smaller, lighter, longer-lasting wearables & portable electronics, mass adoption of electric vehicles, and practical use of renewable energy. Our first products, which you can test in cells today, increase the energy density of state-of-the-art lithium-ion batteries by 20% to 40%. Our materials are manufacturable economically at scale, and are drop-in replacements to existing battery manufacturing processes. Founded by Tesla Motors battery engineers and a Georgia Tech materials science professor, Sila is backed by top tier investors led by Bessemer Venture Partners, Matrix Partners, Sutter Hill Ventures, and In-Q-Tel. Our company culture is built on personal growth, mutual trust, inclusiveness, and safety. We are building a world-class materials company, where our team is close, our debates are data-driven, and our office puppies are named Angstrom, Gadget, and Lumen.

Sila Nanotechnologies

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