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About us SimilarWeb is the pioneer of market intelligence and the standard for understanding the digital world. SimilarWeb’s solutions provide customers with insights to help them understand, track and grow their digital market share. With our insights businesses, agencies, marketers and analysts can benchmark performance against competitors, reveal competitors online strategy, discover new opportunities, identify emerging trends and understand consumer intent and journey. SimilarWeb has thousands of customers and works with some of the largest global brands including Google, Walmart, AirBnb, HSBC, adidas and eBay. Our team is spread across 8 global offices and includes over 350 employees and counting. We bring together the industry’s top talent to create a product that will transform the way that businesses make decisions. We believe in a bottom up approach, wherein every role has the power to create impact and offers opportunity to grow with the company.

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Finance & Systems


Tel Aviv


Tel Aviv, Israel

Commission Analyst

Tel Aviv, Israel

Director of Accounting

Tel Aviv, Israel


Partnerships Sales Manager

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Account Manager, SMB

Burlington, Massachusetts

Customer Success Lead

San Francisco, CA

Inside Sales Manager

Burlington, MA

Sales Development Representative

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Sales Development Representative

Fort Lauderdale, Florida