Senior Director, Customer Experience Services

Slack, San Francisco

Slack's cloud-based collaboration tools and services are used worldwide.

Slack’s Customer Experience organization is at the center of ensuring that all customers — enterprise organizations or two-person startups, CEOs or interns, sales executives or receptionists — have an excellent experience when they need support. We’ve thrown away the traditional support department playbook to build something that serves our unique customer base, and we have a thriving system that provides industry-leading support to our customers while realizing enormous value to both our company and our employees.

In this role, you will be leading a global support organization spanning seven offices in five countries, covering our customer base of over 10 million daily users. Each one of these users is a person using our product to do their job, and this is a responsibility we don’t take lightly: it is our team’s mission to help everyone as quickly, accurately, and thoroughly as possible so that they can get back to work. Our work is to enable theirs.

Slack has a positive, diverse, and supportive culture—we look for people who are curious, inventive, and work to be a little better every single day. In our work together we aim to be smart, humble, hardworking and, above all, collaborative. If this sounds like a good fit for you, why not say hello?

What you will be doing

  • Defining and executing long-term strategies that uphold our company’s commitment to provide excellent support to our customers. Our bar for quality is extremely high: we don’t aim for “good” or “great,” but for “how on earth does that scale?”-level excellence. (Good news for you: it does scale.)  
  • Collaborating with all other departments in the company to drive better customer outcomes. Nothing is off the table; find opportunities to improve our customers’ experience with our product or company and pursue them.
  • Working with the Product and Engineering departments to ensure that pressing and emergent issues are top-of-mind. You will provide quantitative and qualitative information, crafted in useful and actionable ways, to help prioritize changes and get them in the hands of customers.
  • Maintaining a highly adaptive organization that is capable of responding instantaneously and autonomously to every customer-facing issue.
  • Growing the next generation of talent. You will create environments and jobs that allow employees at all levels to grow and thrive.

What you should have

  • Experience running a 24/7/365 global support organization of over 200 employees across multiple channels (we support email, an in-product channel, phone, live chat, social media, and app store reviews).
  • Experience at a SaaS company. You understand the general business model, how support fits into it, and the technologies that underpin SaaS products.
  • Insatiable curiosity to find opportunities to improve. You devour data anywhere and everywhere you can find it, and you use it to build a picture of what to tackle next. And, when data isn’t available, you roll up your sleeves and work until you find what you need.
  • An engaging leadership presence that comes across equally strong in person, over video, and through your writing.
  • A strong track record of coaching and mentoring employees to grow into new roles and achieve increasingly challenging accomplishments.
  • A proven ability to retain talent, and a belief that supporting customers is a career, vocation, and calling. You will have a staff of people — bright, capable, dedicated, hard-working, highly trained, and extraordinarily knowledgeable professionals — who have found the ideal company in which to practice their craft and who are with us for the long haul.


Slack is an Equal Opportunity Employer and participant in the U.S. Federal E-Verify program. Women, minorities, individuals with disabilities and protected veterans are encouraged to apply. Slack will consider qualified applicants with criminal histories in a manner consistent with the San Francisco Fair Chance Ordinance.


About Slack

Empathy. Courtesy. Playfulness. Craftsmanship. Solidarity — these are some of the values we live by, as a company. We work by them, too: we’re building a platform and products we believe in — knowing there is real value to be gained from helping people, wherever they are, simplify whatever it is that they do and bring more of themselves to their work.

We’re building a strong, diverse team of curious, creative people who want to find a purpose in their work and support each other in the process. We work hard and we play to win… within normal business hours. And then we go home.

That balance is important: It enables us to truly do the best work of our lives. As a result, we create a place where all kinds of work happens — and happens well — all while working alongside people we respect and admire.

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