Associate App Directory Strategist (EST time zone)

Slack, Remote, Canada

Slack's cloud-based collaboration tools and services are used worldwide.

At Slack, we consider Customer Experience essential to our success. We have a healthy roster of high-profile companies that rely on Slack for their day-to-day communication, and we want to provide them with the best service possible. Part of that service includes the Slack App Directory where customers find the high quality apps to connect the tools they use to do their work in Slack.

We are hiring an Associate App Directory Strategist to help us review and manage the lifecycle of apps, contribute to how we define and assess quality, and support ongoing operations of the App Directory. This is a role that requires a broad skill set to be successful. Our ideal candidate will have a keen eye for detail, enjoy evaluating new tools and features, be excited to find and call out small but meaningful improvements, and be unafraid to take on unfamiliar tasks or ask for help when needed. Does this sound like you? Read on!

The person in this role will coach and guide developers as they submit their apps for review, thoughtfully and thoroughly reviewing with the Slack customer’s experience in mind. They will also contact developers to share results and feedback from regular audits as we grow the app catalogue.

What You Will Be Doing

  • Conduct thoughtful, comprehensive technical and user experience reviews of apps submitted to the Slack App Directory
  • Build a good understanding of what it means to build a high quality app
  • Work with developers and partners to improve the quality and performance of their Slack apps during and after the review process
  • Work closely with our Policy team as part of a review
  • Run important audits and contact developers in order to maintain the quality of apps in the App Directory
  • Share feedback and areas of opportunities you see to improve day-to-day team processes and experiences for developers during the review process
  • Work cross-functionally to support the Platform, Customer Experience teams and our external partners

What You Should Have

  • You are passionate about great customer and developer experiences
  • You enjoy diving into a new app or service to thoroughly test it out, troubleshooting and reproducing issues
  • You have experience working in customer or developer support, or a similar role
  • You are a strong and confident writer
  • You are curious and love learning new skills and knowledge, even when it feels challenging
  • You know when something is over your head and are not afraid to ask for help
  • You are proactive and speak up when something can be improved, suggesting possible alternatives
  • You are comfortable working as part of a team as well as independently
  • You understand the web and how it works, including standard API patterns. You're not necessarily writing and deploying your own JQuery-based, CSS-heavy responsive sites, but you're also not afraid of the technology and are eager to learn.
  • You can work with us in our Toronto office or remotely in Quebec or Ontario, Canada.

About Slack

Empathy. Courtesy. Playfulness. Craftsmanship. Solidarity — these are some of the values we live by, as a company. We work by them, too: we’re building a platform and products we believe in — knowing there is real value to be gained from helping people, wherever they are, simplify whatever it is that they do and bring more of themselves to their work.

We’re building a strong, diverse team of curious, creative people who want to find a purpose in their work and support each other in the process. We work hard and we play to win… within normal business hours. And then we go home.

That balance is important: It enables us to truly do the best work of our lives. As a result, we create a place where all kinds of work happens — and happens well — all while working alongside people we respect and admire.

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