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Imagine if your things knew when you woke up, and when you call it a night. Imagine if they knew when you couldn’t be home, and how to put your mind at ease. Imagine if they always knew what you needed, and when you need it. Imagine if they knew you better than you know yourself. Now, imagine if you didn’t have to imagine. Because with SmartThings, they already can. Things such as lights, doors, keys, plants, and cars can now work better for you, making you feel more secure, more in control, more efficient, and simply more delighted. With SmartThings technology and devices, the possibilities are infinite, fueled by your own needs and creativity.

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Staff Accountant

Mountain View, CA

Applications & Eventing

Software Engineer

Minneapolis, MN

Audio & Video

Data Scientist

New York, NY

Core IoT Prim

Software Engineer

Minneapolis, MN

Corporate Counsel

Corporate Counsel

Mountain View, CA

Embedded Engineering

Hub, Devices, and Hub Cloud Services

Product Management

Senior Product Manager

Mountain View, CA

Product Manager

Minneapolis, MN


Release Engineering

Security/Privacy Engineering

Security Engineer

Minneapolis, MN

SmartThings Enterprise - Home IoT

Software Quality Engineering

Technical Program Management

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