Staff Software Engineer - Core-iOT

SmartThings, Minneapolis, MN

There’s potential in your everyday things

Did your things make you go “wow” today? At SmartThings, we are dedicated to making every home a Smart Home - and as the IoT platform of Samsung, with millions of users and connected devices, we are well on our way. We strive to create an easy-to-use, secure, and above all intelligent IoT solution for the home that delights our customers. Our fun, intelligent, and creative teams need your help to make our things a little more connected, and a lot smarter.

The Core-IoT Team at SmartThings is looking for a talented and motivated engineer to help us build, maintain and improve the foundational components of the SmartThings platform that support devices, hubs, public APIs and mobile applications.  This is a great opportunity to gain experience in the cutting edge IoT space while tackling the unique and challenging problems of working at SmartThings scale. Successful candidates will be self-motivated learners who enjoy collaboratively solving complex problems in a fast paced and dynamic environment.  As a member of the team you will architect and develop new features, enhance current features, manage production, and have direct impact on our product.

This role will include working on high volume systems supporting millions of users globally.  We are looking for an individual who can help us keep the system secure, increase speed, scale further, and ship new features in the process.  If you desire a fast paced, technically challenging, and fun environment SmartThings may be the place for you!


  • Maintain and update existing Core-IoT services.
  • Tune production systems for performance and efficiency.
  • Replace features in our legacy monolith with new microservices that are highly available and fault tolerant.
  • Collaborate with other developers in local and remote offices.
  • Lead projects that are not fully defined and influence direction as appropriate.
  • Proactively identify areas for improvement in partnership with other team members and technical leaders in the organization.
  • Mentor other engineers and lead technical onboarding.
  • Ability to provide technical and strategic direction cross-functionally, understanding overall impact relative to company goals.
  • Willingness to work across various time zones and geographies
  • Drive key strategic outcomes like reliability, quality and testability
  • Setting professional standard for the company by role modeling the core values.


  • Exceptional Java, Python, C# or C++, object oriented design and programming skills (6+ years of experience preferred).
  • Excellent communication and people skills. Comfortable presenting to both internal and external executive audiences at a global scale.
  • BS or MS in Computer Science or equivalent engineering experience.
  • Experience in designing and developing REST APIs.
  • Knowledge of setting up, troubleshooting, and managing Linux systems.
  • Proven expertise in fundamental concepts and expert in a key area of technology.
  • Experience using Git in a multi-user environment.
  • Demonstrated project management experience which includes project planning, project execution, and issue/risk management

Desired Skills:

  • Production experience in AWS or another major cloud hosting service.
  • Experience working with and building robust entity ownership models.
  • Experience working with and/or implementing OAuth security flows.
  • Experience with multiple JVM frameworks (e.g. DropWizard, Ratpack, Grails)
  • Experience with MySQL, AWS Aurora, Cassandra, and DynamoDB.
  • Contributing back to open source projects.
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About SmartThings

Imagine if your things knew when you woke up, and when you call it a night. Imagine if they knew when you couldn’t be home, and how to put your mind at ease. Imagine if they always knew what you needed, and when you need it. Imagine if they knew you better than you know yourself. Now, imagine if you didn’t have to imagine. Because with SmartThings, they already can. Things such as lights, doors, keys, plants, and cars can now work better for you, making you feel more secure, more in control, more efficient, and simply more delighted. With SmartThings technology and devices, the possibilities are infinite, fueled by your own needs and creativity.


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