Mobile Staff Software Engineer - iOS

SmartThings, Mountain View, CA

There’s potential in your everyday things

Did your things make you go “wow” today? At SmartThings, we are dedicated to making every home a Smart Home - and as the IoT platform of Samsung, with millions of users and connected devices, we are well on our way. We strive to create an easy-to-use, secure, and above all intelligent IoT solution for the home that delights our customers. Our fun, intelligent, and creative teams need your help to make our things a little more connected, and a lot smarter.

What SmartThings is offering: A constant stream of new things for you to learn. We're always expanding into new areas, bringing in open source projects and contributing back, exploring new technologies, routinely breaking new grounds in the fascinating field of IoT. A set of exceptionally talented and dedicated peers, all the way from engineering and QA to product management and customer support. A stable, collaborative and supportive work environment, flexible workplace and work pace. Want to work from home sometimes? No problem - we trust our colleagues to be responsible with their time and dedication, and believe that balance helps cultivate an extraordinary environment.

We are looking for a Staff iOS Software Engineer to join our exciting client platform team to help build the next generation mobile app with iOS 13 features such as SwiftUI and Combine. As a member of the team you will be responsible for overall design and architecture of the mobile app architecture, new feature development, maintenance and improving end user documentation and reference applications. 

We pride ourselves in not only using all the modern iOS technologies that make us more productive (100% Swift, ReactiveSwift, SwiftUI, Combine, etc...) but we also expect our engineers to keep themselves informed on where the new trends, tools and techniques are going.


  • Drive architecture definitions, planning, and implementation in a collaborative agile environment
  • Drive architecture compliance on a broader team including people systems to ensure architecture patterns are being followed
  • Ability to lead other iOS and mobile engineers to create simple and scalable solutions
  • Drive team hygiene in peer code reviews and scrums
  • Lead by example in writing clean code and following best practices with excellent test automation coverage
  • Enhance supporting documentation and tools
  • Proactively identify areas for improvement/strategy within team area, and clearly communicate action plans across teams


  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or equivalent practical experience
  • 5+ years of experience with Objective-C, Swift, Java, C# or C/C++ programming and debugging skills
  • 5+ years of experience in developing native iOS Applications targeting iPhone and iPad
  • Proven experience driving large mobile application teams in architecture and design in the iOS ecosystem
  • Deep iOS development experience, with deep knowledge of best practices, APIs, and libraries
  • Deep experience with Git, Github, Pull Request and Rebasing
  • A passion for continuous learning and understanding
  • Ability to operate in fast-paced, deadline driven, collaborative and iterative programming environment
  • Experience building complex iOS Apps that have been successfully delivered to the customer
  • Ability to lead projects that are not fully defined
  • Understands how work fits into larger projects
  • Consistently demonstrating most if not all of SmartThings core values
  • Deep knowledge of core CS concepts
  • Ability to work within established infrastructure and quickly become familiar with it
  • Receptive to constructive criticism, constantly learning from feedback provided

Desired Skills

  • Created or contributed to open sourced iOS app framework projects
  • Experience with declarative UI frameworks and store based app frameworks 
  • Functional reactive programming with ReactiveSwift and ReactiveCocoa
  • Experience developing a mobile application on a different platform (Android, Windows Phone, etc)
  • Experience with configuring and maintaining continuous integration and deployment
  • Published a mobile app to its respective App Store end to end
  • Familiarity or experience with Internet of Things apps or devices
  • Eager to learn and share your learning with your peers
Travel: May include 10-15%

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About SmartThings

Imagine if your things knew when you woke up, and when you call it a night. Imagine if they knew when you couldn’t be home, and how to put your mind at ease. Imagine if they always knew what you needed, and when you need it. Imagine if they knew you better than you know yourself. Now, imagine if you didn’t have to imagine. Because with SmartThings, they already can. Things such as lights, doors, keys, plants, and cars can now work better for you, making you feel more secure, more in control, more efficient, and simply more delighted. With SmartThings technology and devices, the possibilities are infinite, fueled by your own needs and creativity.


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