Senior Software Engineer

Sourcegraph, San Francisco / Remote

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About the Company

From sustainable energy systems to self-driving cars, the innovations of the future will all rely on code. With so much software to write, developers need a better way to access, understand, and collaborate on code.

At Sourcegraph, we are building a better, smarter foundation for software development. One that will enable developers (and the companies that rely on them) to more quickly turn great ideas into groundbreaking technology. Effectively, we want to bring the future sooner.

Check out what we are building for developers and why it matters: https://sourcegraph.com/plan.

About the Team

Our small team consists of talented, mature, collaborative, driven individuals who are attracted to the massive problem we are tackling. We work in an open environment that treats people in a first-class manner and provides them with ownership, responsibility, and autonomy.

Our founders featured on Forbes “30 under 30” 2017: https://text.sourcegraph.com/sourcegraph-founders-featured-on-forbes-30-under-30-list-8ff9c9b6eb45#.weps4istp

About the Role

You will help build Sourcegraph, a multi-tier application (web, CLI, API, data stores, services) written primarily in TypeScript (frontend) and Go (backend). You will have the freedom to creatively tackle various CS challenges while building products that are fundamental to the growth and success of the business. As a senior member of the team, you will help set the technical direction of various projects as well as mentor other team members. This is a full-stack role and ideal candidates should feel comfortable (though not equally skilled) at all layers of the stack.

Example projects:

  • Reduce P95 latency of "code intelligence" requests (e.g. hover tooltips, find references, go-to-definition)
  • Scale our language analysis cluster to meet traffic demands; mitigate infrastructure costs
  • Design and implement a system to perform fast, real-time, cross-repository `git grep`


  • Design and build multi-tier web & desktop applications using Go & TypeScript
  • Combine system metrics, user feedback, and intuition to plan improvements
  • Create simple and performant APIs and services based on multiple underlying data sources
  • Lead and mentor other team members while driving technical roadmaps and decisions for various projects

Ideal Candidates Have

  • Track record of delivering high-quality products with attention to scalability and UX
  • Strong web/JavaScript/TypeScript/Go fundamentals
  • Passion for the craft of software development and good engineering practices
  • Experience leading projects & people, helping mentor junior team members
  • Experience working on medium-to-large codebases & contributing to open-source projects

About Sourcegraph

Master Plan We believe code intelligence can help bring the future sooner. Our long-term vision is to make it so everyone, in every community, in every country, and in every industry can create products using the best technology. Here is what we are working on now to help this happen: Make basic code intelligence ubiquitous Make code review continuous and intelligent Increase the amount and quality of open-source code


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