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Modern business owners are dynamic, flexible and fast — always looking to meet customer demands. When they see an opportunity, they want to capitalise on it, and for that they need financial flexibility. We don’t want SMEs to spend all of their time and energy thinking about financing. We want them to have flexible loans on terms they can manage. Spotcap operates as a direct lender to SMEs in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Spain, Australia and New Zealand where we offer promising businesses access to flexible finance. Spotcap’s online application is straightforward and can be completed in as little as five minutes, either online or in collaboration with a financial advisor, broker or accountant. Recognising the strength and potential of our full-service lending platform, leading institutions want to work with us to provide their SME clients with an efficient and straightforward lending experience. Whether working with a partner or lending directly to SMEs, Spotcap’s innovative technologies, lending platform and unique approach to assessing the creditworthiness of SMEs is making finance more accessible.

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