Repair Technicians (Mobile Phones + Tablets)

SquareTrade, Wisconsin

Before us, "warrant" was just another bad word.

SquareTrade (www.squaretrade.com), is the fastest growing company of its kind. We’re a cell phone warranty/insurance company that's revolutionizing a $30b industry with innovation and attention to customer satisfaction. We're different, and our over 20+ million customers agree! We work with top retailers and operators including Amazon, Staples, Costco, Sam’s Club etc. and handle millions of broken mobile device claims each year.  

Now, if a customer has a cracked screen, they have a new option: instead of sending it in for repair, they can request a mobile repair tech (you) to come out to a location of their choice to fix it for them! We're looking for experienced mobile phone and tablet repair technicians to make this new program happen.

The Basics

  • We pay $30-50 per repair. Our best techs can complete a repair in about 30 minutes
  • You decide the geographies you want to cover, and you set your own hours


  • 2+ years of hands-on mobile phone repair experience
  • Must be willing to travel to customers
  • You'll be using your own vehicle, so you must have a valid driver's licence

About SquareTrade

WHEN WE OPENED OUR DOORS IN 1999, technology was evolving by the minute. Everywhere we looked, people were using awesome new gadgets and electronics— and dropping them, and spilling coffee on them, and having all sorts of accidents. Meanwhile, the warranty market was living in the past. The only thing worse than the flimsy protection was the awful customer service. We thought it was time to move things forward. Our big idea? Give people protection that covers the breaks, spills & mishaps of everyday life, and treat our customers like we'd want to be treated. Evidently, we were on to something. Today we’re growing at the speed of technology. With offices in San Francisco and London, a legion of loyal fans, and superstar customer service—we’re turning “bad” into “good” every single day. And we’re just getting started.

Want to learn more about SquareTrade? Visit SquareTrade's website.