Senior Revenue Manager, Product Monetization

Stanza, San Francisco

BRING YOUR EVENTS TO LIFE Don’t let your fans miss a moment.

Senior Revenue Manager, Product Monetization

Stanza is building the world’s first consumer marketplace of everything that relates to time. In spite of the fact that people’s calendars have gone digital, there's been very little innovation connecting them to the outside world in highly personalized, automated ways. Stanza's in the process of remedying that and in doing so, enabling all people to take back ownership of their time and dramatically improve their lives.

In a short time, the company has synced over 300M events, amassed many millions of users and has its calendar subscription and amplification functionality distributed across over some of the most in-demand sports and publisher sites, including top NBA, NFL, NHL and NCAA teams, and major media brands like Nike, CBS and Warner Brothers.

Stanza is backed by top-tier venture investors and is headquartered in San Francisco.

We are currently seeking a Senior Revenue Manager, Product Monetization to assist our finance/media ops teams.



  • Manage the operation and performance of all product monetization channels – including programmatic advertising, direct campaigns and affiliate partnerships
  • Increase inventory yield by creating the optimal mix of open and premium programmatic ads, managing floor prices across ad exchanges based on season and audience, and deploying the optimal ad stack to monetize specific markets and geos
  • Understand our inventory to ensure best performance of direct deals
  • Keep Stanza at the forefront of the advertising and publishing market – know what’s coming and take proactive steps to make sure Stanza is best positioned in the market
  • Build strong relationships with our partners across ad exchanges, trading desks, direct advertisers and our publisher clients
  • As needed, assist the sales team with client negotiations and account management as they relate to revenue performance
  • Vet and recommend the best vendors and tools optimize ad serving, ad quality and compliance - working closely with the product / tech team to implement



  • Minimum 3+ years of digital advertising and analytical experience
  • Deep understanding of the nuances of the ad tech space and key players
  • Demonstrated quantitative analytical skills – able to use data to interpret patterns, forecast and problem solve quickly
  • Strong written and communication skills
  • Able to multi-task and work efficiently within a fast-paced environment
  • Bonus:  SQL, database and technical skills

About Stanza

How we got here At Stanza, we believe that time is your scarcest resource. We understand that every day you make a choice about how to spend your time, and who you want to spend it with. These choices are important, and sometimes it feels like you're catching up with yourself instead of actively deciding what to do. We've been there - we're former bankers, researchers, athletes, and generally busy people - we know the struggle. This is why we've come together to create a beautiful, seamless way for you to keep track of how you're managing your scarcest resource. We're making calendar manageable. We're putting you back in the driver's seat of your busy life, so that never again will you miss the events that truly matter.


Want to learn more about Stanza? Visit Stanza's website.