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Stride Consulting is a mission-driven, employee-focused, engineering-centric company. We seek Engineering Managers who enjoy mentoring others, place a high value on continuous learning, and value diversity. If you consider yourself a non-dogmatic engineer, have a thirst for learning, and an eye for process, you’ll be in great company.

Our goal is to leave our clients functioning at a higher level than when we found them.  We do this by writing high quality code alongside them, and by mentoring their developers, product teams and stakeholders in software development best practices.

We believe that Agile and XP practices, including Test Driven Development, Pair Programming, and Retrospectives,  are the foundation of a high functioning software team. We also know, from experience, that each Agile practice adds different business value to each team. So, we approach each engagement as the unique opportunity it is.

As a Strider, you’ll find an opportunity that’s unmatched. You will:

  • Be a senior member of an engineering-driven culture, one that is employee-run and owned, has a 5 star Glassdoor review, and has won Crain’s Best Places to Work 2 years in a row.
  • Write high-quality code with some of the smartest engineers in town.
  • Mentor and manage a Stride team
  • Manage the client engagement you are on, which includes:
    • Creating the technical engagement strategy with Stride’s account team
    • Form trust with client leadership
    • Be the point of contact from Stride into the engagement
    • Help structure how your project is run, including Agile process, development/architecture decisions, and project management
  • Immerse yourself in a learning journey that’s second to none. No where else will you find the variety that being a consultant brings, all a subway ride away.

Day In The Life of an Engineering Manager

You are empowered to define what work/life balance means to you. You’ll co-locate and work onsite at your client (all are in NYC). We are proud to call some of the most outstanding tech teams our clients, ranging from funded startups to Fortune 500.  

As an Engineering Manager, you can expect to be on client engagements. Your work week will likely involve 60%-80% client work, including coding, managing a Stride team, and running the engagement. The rest of your time will be spent on strategic initiatives that you and your manager create together. They might include: managing a team of Striders, taking on the engagement lead role on your client, owning company-level strategic initiatives, being an external thought leader.

Here’s how one day might unfold:

9am: Weekly Sprint Planning.  Me and the client’s Product Owner co-run a weekly sprint planning meeting with our team. Both Striders and the client team attend. We’ve got the meeting down to a nice rhythm, and we walk away with a plan for the week.

10am: Daily Standup. I’m at work at the client’s office. They’ve got a really cool setup with dual monitors and nice pairing stations. I’m on a team of 4 Striders and 4 client developers. Our Product Manager kicks off the standup. It lasts about 5 minutes and then we’re off to code.

10:10-12:30 Pair Programming. This morning, I’m pairing with another Strider. My pair is a mid-level Stride engineer. She’s been coding 3 years, and she’s got strong fundamentals. We’re doing a deep dive into complex backend code and she’s driving, I’m navigating. I’m giving a few pointers and asking questions when I see she gets stuck. She noticed a refactoring opportunity and we spent about 30 minutes refactoring a big piece of code together.

12:30-1:30 Lunch

1:30-3:00 Pair Programming

3:00-3:30 Mob programming  A team member gets stuck on a piece of code. I sit down with Jean and his pair. We call over 2 other developers and we mob programming for a bit. We figure out a plan quickly and everyone is excited about the on-the-fly collaboration.

3:30-4:30 Mind Map I’ve been on my engagement for about 2 months now. During this time, I’ve noticed the team’s strengths and areas for improvement. I’ve been keeping notes. Today, I’m leading a Mind Mapping session with the Stride team. We are visually organizing all of the areas for improvement we’ve identified at the client engagement. We prioritize each item by complexity and importance. Next Monday, I’m presenting this to the CTO. My goal is to get her to agree to 2-3 things on the map so that we can continue to help the team achieve their goals.

4:30- 5: Code Review Today, one of the Striders was coding solo. So, I sit down and review his code for a few minutes.

5-6: Stride U DevOps Jam Stride U is ongoing education for Striders by Striders. We’ve got 6 courses created. Each are about 8 hours long. Seven of us are taking the DevOps Jam course now, it’s 1 hour weekly, for 8 weeks.  DevOps is something I’m dipping a toe in and having a safe space to learn real world stuff that I can bring back to my client is amazing.

6pm: Leave for the Day. It’s been a good day, I throw on my headphones as I head to the subway.

What you’ll be doing

Your job: write high quality code, and bring a ‘teach a team to fish’ mentality to your project team. You will:

  • Embed with development teams in some of NYC’s most exciting startup, mid-market and enterprise companies to help them up their game and get stuff done.
  • Mentor and manage teams on the value of software development best practices like Test Driven Development (TDD), Pair Programming, Collective Code Ownership, Continuous Deployment, and Continuous Improvement
  • Be the reason your client teams are higher performing on your last day with them than they were on your first day.
  • Lead and be part of a cross functional team that includes Striders (likely 2-6 Strider engineers plus sometimes a product manager) and client employees (likely engineers and other tech roles).
  • Work with and learn a variety of tech stacks, and a see a variety of tech teams, during your tenure at Stride. We embed with teams who write code in modern tech stacks such as Ruby on Rails, React, Angular, Python, Scala, Java8, Elixir, Node and more.

You’re a fit for Stride Consulting if you have:

  • At least 6 years of professional software development experience, including 1 year as a lead developer or manager
  • Proficiency in multiple programming languages and ability to quickly gain proficiency in unfamiliar languages and frameworks
  • Desire to guide team strategy
  • Passion for seeing projects through from inception to deployment
  • Experience teaching TDD, story estimation, test writing, and effective pair programming

What you can expect from us:

  • Continuous learning on things that you are passionate about
  • Competitive Pay and Benefits (including Profit Sharing!)
  • Empowerment to work at a self-defined sustainable pace
  • Awesome culture - We have a 4.9 star rating on Glassdoor and are one of Crain’s 100 best places to work in NYC
  • No travel
  • We will invest $2,000 and up to two weeks of your time in self-directed professional development

About Stride

Stride is an agile software development company that colocates with engineering teams in NYC to help them up their game and get stuff done.


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