Software Engineer - Network & Backend Systems

Survios, Culver City, CA

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Survios, the foremost virtual reality game developer and pioneer of the future of immersive technologies, has an opening for a full-time Software Engineer to work on Network and Backend systems.


  • Help develop and maintain Survios networking infrastructure and cloud-based services
  • Collaborate with Engineering team members to realize new features, from gathering requirements and contributing designs, through to final implementation and testing
  • Create or improve tools as necessary to support product development


  • Fluent in C++
  • Solid understanding of networking fundamentals including experience with all levels of the network stack and different network topologies.
  • Solid understanding of asynchronous programming techniques
  • Experience with version control, issue tracking, and peer-review processes for large code bases spanning multiple product lines


  • Unreal Engine 4, especially Unreal networking protocol and the Online subsystem familiarity
  • Developing server-side web services, especially within Django framework
  • Competency with Python, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, AWS, PostgreSQL, and/or golang
  • Experience using JIRA, Perforce, and related technologies

About Survios

OUR STORY In March 2012 we launched Project Holodeck as an interdisciplinary effort at the University of Southern California, bringing together a team of technical artists and engineers to tackle big challenges such as avatar embodiment, positional movement, 3DUI, and game design for VR. As our final project we developed one of the first full-motion VR games ever, called Wild Skies. Soon enough we were able to build a truly immersive VR environment that was intuitive, engaging, and (we think) super entertaining.

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