UI/UX Designer - Unreal Engine 4

Survios, Culver City, CA

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Survios, the developer of the best-selling game Raw Data for the HTC Vive, has an opening for a full-time UX Designer.

Here's your opportunity to shape the future of virtual reality. Survios, Inc. is at the forefront of virtual reality game development and is pioneering the future of immersive technologies.  

As a UX Designer, you will be responsible for creating, implementing and maintaining user interfaces and interactive 3D systems and tools.  Applicants should be enthusiastic about the opportunity to collaborate with other developers across disciplines, seek out opportunities to dive in, solve problems, and make improvements wherever necessary.

The ideal candidate has experience working with a cross disciplinary team. Candidates should have solid technical fundamentals including strong 3D rendering and problem solving skills. Candidates are expected to be self-starting and proactive in identifying risk and determining solutions. They should have a passion for adding the extra polish that sets our games apart.


  • Create wireframes, page layouts, interactions, prototypes, color palettes, icons, and 3DUI designs for VR across various applications
  • Design and develop new 3DUI concepts using real-time rendered motion effects
  • Work directly with our world-class game development team to implement interactive menus and HUDs.
  • Contribute innovative and original ideas on all aspects of game production and development.


  • A strong passion for video game development.
  • Minimum 2 years as a graphic designer, UX designer, UI designer or similar experience
  • Example work creating websites, software applications, interactive spaces or games
  • Unreal Engine 4 experience including Blueprints
  • Can effectively and rapidly prototype ideas in Adobe Suite, HTML, or Unreal
  • Effective communicator and collaborator with developers from other disciplines.
  • A natural curiosity for all aspects of game development and a willingness to work on a wide variety of game systems.


  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in 3D art, design or related field
  • Experience working with Virtual Reality platforms including Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Sony PlayStation VR

About Survios

OUR STORY In March 2012 we launched Project Holodeck as an interdisciplinary effort at the University of Southern California, bringing together a team of technical artists and engineers to tackle big challenges such as avatar embodiment, positional movement, 3DUI, and game design for VR. As our final project we developed one of the first full-motion VR games ever, called Wild Skies. Soon enough we were able to build a truly immersive VR environment that was intuitive, engaging, and (we think) super entertaining.

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