Reservoir Simulation Engineer

Tachyus, Houston, TX

Measure, Analyze, Produce

This Tachyon will develop and deploy our core proprietary reservoir modeling and optimization technology. Deep experience in both developing and using reservoir simulators to optimize oil field production is essential.

You must have a genuine passion for radically improving efficiency and production in the oil and gas industry. You must want to work in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial company. You must be willing to guide product iteration based on your experience, but also think outside the box in order to revolutionize the industry.


  • Support development and maintenance of our proprietary reservoir modeling and optimization software.
  • Deploy reservoir modeling and optimization software to clients for optimization of steam-flood, water-flood, CO2-flood, and SAGD assets, evaluating performance and tuning model algorithms where necessary.
  • Perform end-to-end modeling and optimization workflows on specific assets, understand and disseminate model and decision insights, and quantify the economic impact the optimizations will have on our client’s operations.
  • Engage with software engineers and designers to evaluate our product at each stage of development and deployment.


  • Has built and coded reservoir simulators for EOR flooding operations (water, steam or CO2), and has helped apply them in the field.
  • >2 year experience coding reservoir simulators, and using it to history match and optimize at least one flood operation (ideally >5 years coding and optimizing at least two operations).
  • Knowledge of (exposure to) how EOR/IOR operations are run (the business decisions involved in running the operation and the science and analyses that inform those business decisions).
  • PhD in petroleum or reservoir engineering or related disciplines, with a strong Reservoir Simulations and Optimization focus.
  • Deep knowledge of industry standard analysis techniques related to EOR/IOR.
  • Expertise in Matlab (Python in addition is a plus).
  • Machine learning, data assimilation and optimization experience.
  • Ambition to revolutionize the way such operations are run and optimized.
  • Ambition and skill to interface with clients and experts in the industry.


  • Contacts in the industry in multiple areas across multiple disciplines (completions, reservoir modeling, pump optimization and maintenance, from academia, other majors, smaller independents, service companies etc).

About Tachyus

Tachyus creates technology to optimize energy production for the oil and gas industry. Our platform unites analytics software and sensors that measure real-time data to increase production, decrease lease operating expenses, and boost profits. Our team has deep software engineering, hardware design and data science experience from building OpenGov, California Common Sense, Tesla’s battery safety system, the world's most advanced neutrino detector, and Visual Studio.


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