Director, Engagement and Inclusion

The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Redwood City, CA

Advancing human potential and promoting equal opportunity.

Founded by Dr. Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg in 2015, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI) is a new kind of philanthropy that’s leveraging technology to help solve some of the world’s toughest challenges – from eradicating disease, to improving education, to reforming the criminal justice system. Across three core Initiative focus areas of Science, Education and Justice and Opportunity,  we’re pairing engineering with grant making, impact investing, policy work, and movement building, to help build an inclusive, just and healthy future for everyone.

Our Values

We believe we can help build a future for everyone.

  • We aim to be daring, but humble:  We look for bold ideas — regardless of structure and stage — and help them scale by pairing engineers with subject matter experts to build tools that accelerate the pace of social progress.
  • We want to learn fast, but build for the long-term: We want to iterate fast and help bring new solutions to the table, but we also realize that important breakthroughs often take decades, or even centuries.
  • Stay close to the real problems: We engage directly in the communities we serve because no one understands our society’s challenges like those who live them every day.  

Our success is dependent on building teams that include people from different backgrounds and experiences who can challenge each other's assumptions with fresh perspectives. To that end, we look for a diverse pool of applicants including those from historically marginalized groups — women, people with disabilities, people of color, formerly incarcerated people, people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and/or gender nonconforming, first and second generation immigrants, veterans, and people from different socioeconomic backgrounds.

The Opportunity

As the Director of Inclusion and Engagement and as a senior member on the People Team, you will work closely with CZI's leadership to help strengthen inclusive and equitable practices internally across our organization. 

The Director of Inclusion and Engagement reports to the head of the People Team (which is twelve people strong and growing), managing an initial team of two people, and will work in conjunction with the CZI leadership and management teams to identify effective and creative strategies to cultivate an environment that supports diversity, equity and inclusion. This person will have a dedicated budget to build diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives and programs that influence employee engagement, talent acquisition, talent management, and opportunities across our organization to engage and retain talent. This person will help ensure that the core elements of CZI culture are well-defined and ever-present to employees, highlighting engagement as an essential component to support a positive, diverse, inclusive, innovative, and high-achieving environment. This person will also partner with stakeholders across the organization to ensure there is overall alignment in the work that impacts our internal community, as well as the communities we serve.

You will:

 Strategy Development: 

  • Lead the development and execution of a diversity, equity and inclusion strategy for a unique, first of its kind philanthropic organization with a passionate and mission-driven workforce that spans a diverse array of fields and backgrounds.
  • Work closely with the People, Legal, and Operations teams to ensure practices, policies, and guidelines are built with equity and inclusion as a key anchor. Work includes, but is not limited to, recruitment, on-boarding, engagement strategies, and learning.
  • Build and support the implementation of an internal and external communication strategy, in partnership with the Communications team, grounded in sharing CZI’s DEI journey in a way that demonstrates our dedication, growth and humility around the work.
  • Partner with recruiting to drive continued commitment to building focused pipelines and maintaining an inclusive hiring process to ensure that our employee population reflects the diverse population we serve.

Management of Team: 

  • Lead a team focused on driving inclusive behaviors, bias mitigation, and creative ideas to support the overall growth of the CZI workforce in this space. 
  • Develop and support the growth of your direct reports and amplify CZI management values and expectations.

Program Development & Evaluation: 

  • Organize and lead DEI-focused forums and events and support the development of internal training programs related to DEI and engagement, including employee on-boarding.
  • Provide leadership and expertise in creating and supporting versatile programs at CZI, including its Employee Resource Groups (ERGs).Define short and long term DEI objectives and key results, and establish metrics and dashboards to inform our decision making, track and communicate progress towards building a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive community, and evaluate the effectiveness of our programs.

Thought Partnership & Cross Functional Support

  • Serve as a key advisor to CZI’s Leadership Team and senior management on issues related to DEI and our workforce and provide a DEI lens to program and initiative-work.
  • Champion and facilitate conditions for open and honest discussions about diversity and inclusion that translate into tangible initiatives to advance CZI’s ability to foster a safe and inclusive culture. 

You have:

  • 7+ years of relevant management and subject matter experience in the diversity, equity and inclusion space, with particular focus on driving inclusive behaviors.
  • Demonstrated awareness and understanding of multiple facets of diversity, including cultural, ethnic, racial, religious, gender, educational, age, sexual orientation, linguistic, professional, and other differences that make us unique.
  • Comfortable taking initiative and working in a fast-paced environment.
  • Strong social and interpersonal skills, including excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • A learning mindset and willingness to try new approaches, incorporating different viewpoints and ideas, while still sharing and drawing upon your areas of expertise.
  • Experience in bringing others along a journey through communication, demonstration and modeling of behavior, and driving accountability.
  • Exceptional relationship-building skills, organizational awareness, and ability to persuade others to accomplish project objectives.
  • Excitement to build, recognizing that CZI is a new and young organization, and joining with the expectation that not everything may be in place yet and seeing that challenge as an opportunity.



About The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

WHO WE ARE The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, founded by Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan in December 2015, is a new kind of philanthropic organization that brings together world-class engineering, grant-making, impact investing, policy, and advocacy work. Our initial areas of focus include supporting science through basic biomedical research and education through personalized learning. We are also exploring other issues tied to the promotion of equal opportunity including access to affordable housing and criminal justice reform. We look for bold ideas — regardless of structure and stage — and help them scale by pairing world-class engineers with subject matter experts to build tools that accelerate the pace of social progress. We make long-term investments because important breakthroughs often take decades, or even centuries. We engage directly in the communities we serve because no one understands our society’s challenges like those who live them every day. These partners help us identify problems and opportunities, learn fast, and iterate toward our goals for the next century. We strive to be lifelong learners who work collaboratively across functions in service of our mission.

The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

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