IoT Product Manager

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Job Description:

Internet of Things (IoT) is a new technological trend with great potentiality. Webpanges and mobile applications have connected human to the Internet during the past decades, and IoT will connect diverse hardware to the same Internet in the following years. This trend will bring new opportunities to many Industries. IoT can help the factories to meet the complex customization requirements of individuals efficiently, and operate a store fully automatically.


This is a new blue ocean. In order to find the exact location of this blue ocean ahead of others, we need such a product manager to think about how to connect technology and business together. He should has a deep understanding of the IoT technology and its application value, and is willing to learn new domain knowledge of various industries. He is able to travel around the world to various cities, discuss with a wide variety of clients to explore their needs, and help them to design an IoT solution together technical architects. Then, you need to analyze these requirements in details, work together with the development team to deliver it, and test it with real users to collect feedback.


Your job responsibilities will include:

- Learn new domain knowledge of each industries and IoT technology actively and efficiently

- Pre-sales support to analyze client's requirement and define customized solutions to win a deal;

- Conduct research on client's business operation model and paint-point;

- Output new IoT solutions documents; include PPT for showcase with clients and requirement analysis for engineer;

- Manage and work with third party partners to provide integrated solutions, such as cloud and AI platform supplier;

- Travel requirement: 30% - 40%


In order to be qualified for this job, our requirements for candidates are:

- We do not care too much about your education background, more care about your real capability.

- Have ever work as a product manager or product designer for 5 years.

- Have ever build a new product / solution from scratch, and keep evolving it based on user's feedback

- Self-motived, multi-tasking, and fast learner.

- Proficiency in oral and written English and Mandarin is a must.

- Communicates effectively with diverse customers and audiences, across multiple disciplines and teams.

- Strong ownership and must be able to solve problems and deliver result with ambiguous information.

- Good presentation skills with strong confidence to get audience's admiration


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