Senior Architect

ThoughtWorks, Chengdu

Creative Technology Consultants

Base: Chengdu preferred, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xi’an and Wuhan can
also be taken into consideration

Tech skills
· Has probably between 7 and 10 years experience
· Previously worked as an architect
. Preferably in a digital/internet/web role
. Preferably in an agile environment
. Not bothered what the title of previous role was
. Preferably be able to move between solution architecture and the more strategic longer term Strategic view of architecture
· Should have demonstrable knowledge of microservices, tiered services
(backend for frontend), and more traditional enterprise architecture patterns
· Cloud experience – preferably AWS
· Financial experience would be very desirable
· Be able to articulate a theoretical strategic vision for the next 2 years, and preferably have been part of defining and realising a strategy
· Active in the local communities
· NoSQL experience

Soft skills
· Must be capable of working as a team, and individually
· Must be capable of challenging both the team in Chengdu and the teams in Australia
· Must see themselves as a bridge between development teams
· Must see their role as facilitator
· Good/excellent influencing skills

Ref: *CI

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