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ThoughtWorks is not your average company, so don't expect to find average people working here. As a recruiting Talent Scout (the position formerly known as Recruiter), it's your job to find the cream of the crop. So, imagine an executive search firm with the highest possible standards inside one of the most well respected technology consultancies in the world. Add a work environment that's designed to make people happy; lots of natural light, downtown location and a highly collaborative working environment. Take away monthly targets, suits and competing against the person sitting next to you. Factor in all the caffeinated beverages you can manage. Welcome to the recruiting team ThoughtWorks.
Finding the top talent
Unlike many of our competitors we've in-sourced all of our recruiting, so we rarely use agencies and it's up to the recruiting team to find the top talent. We're always looking to improve our hiring; this is your chance to bring all of your innovative ideas to the table. You will be responsible for the following:
1. Selling ThoughtWorks to potential ThoughtWorkers; either through a telephone interview or a face to face meeting, you are responsible for getting people excited about ThoughtWorks
2. Creating amazing experiences. You will make sure that potential ThoughtWorkers are meeting the right interviewers and that we making sure that they are looked after at every stage of the process. You ensure that candidates are treated as individuals
3. Articulating the risks and benefits of a hire. From the first time you speak with a potential ThoughtWorker, you are assessing their strengths and weaknesses so that we can make lower-risk hiring decisions. You'll need to get comfortable advising the MD/Market Principal about hiring decisions
4. Advising around the uptake of social networking within our recruiting function and helping ThoughtWorks to capitalize on these tools
5. Reviewing resumes and reading cover letters/applications
6. Being an ambassador for ThoughtWorks. Very often you'll be the first person that someone talks to from us, so you need to be great at understanding their motivators and matching them with the benefits of working here
7. Feedback to potential ThoughtWorkers. More often than not, the people who apply directly to us don't get hired. You're responsible for making sure that they feel more positive about ThoughtWorks after they have interviewed with us than before.
8. Representing ThoughtWorks at events and building community. While this role will often be office based, you will be comfortable building a pop-up marketing stand and finding ways to have interesting conversations with potential ThoughtWorkers at conferences, and then creating and executing a strategy to follow up with them
9. Helping to create compelling marketing material that attracts potential ThoughtWorkers and develops our brand
10. Making sure that we are creating an inclusive sourcing strategy that takes extraordinary steps to approach people from diverse backgrounds
You'll have the following experience:
1. Experience in a fast-paced recruiting environment, either in-house or in an agency environment.
2. Strong understanding of Web 2.0/social networking and its impact on recruiting
3. Track record of innovation in recruiting. While you will be comfortable advertising roles on job boards, you are interested in the psychology of attracting potential ThoughtWorkers to us and passionate about finding new ways to do this
4. Understanding of different roles in the technology world; understands the difference between a developer and an architect
You'll have the following competencies:
1. Tenacious: Terrier-like in terms of cold-calling and speaking with people. Unafraid to pick up the phone and call people. Understands that ThoughtWorks is not right for everyone, but networks with people to seek out others who may be right for us. Treats finding people as an adventure game. Fails fast and is resilient to failure
2. Creative: Unafraid to try new things. Adaptable in terms of methods. Innovative in terms of approach.
3. Team Work: Intuitively collaborative and able to work with all kinds of people. Spots when others need help. Willing to step in and do what is needed as necessary. Low ego. Doesn't have to be right. Helps create a team environment that is about constant improvement.
4. Customer-service: Goes the extra mile to make a candidate experience the best it can be. Understands we provide a service to the business. Puts candidate experience before self-interest. Flexible. Always selling ThoughtWorks. Gets experience over process . Willing to bend the rules.
We like to do things differently here, so we're seeking a creative approach to recruiting. If you are interested in taking on an opportunity that offers variety and challenge every day, then we should talk.
Be forewarned: we're very selective. Our hiring process includes aptitude assessments and challenging interviews. We're going to question your energy level, your knowledge, your problem solving ability, and your people skills.
Ready to get started? Send your resume to He Jingzi([email protected] )


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