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Can you create great experiences that are refined pieces of digital engagements, that are to the point, compelling and yet pushing the boundaries?

Can you conceptualize, create and produce interactive software systems that users will fall in love with?

If yes and if you are always keen to come up with game changing ideas, then you should be at ThoughtWorks to create impact with your design chops.


Here’s what we’re looking for:

Passion for Interaction design and Information Architecture

You believe that there are no boundaries between form and function. You can deliver world-class experience designs from initial concept through to shipping. You enjoy solving complex design problems in simple & intuitive ways. You can rip apart an interface design based on its granular usability issues, but also forgive it because how aesthetically and elegantly it comes together to give an engaging experience to the user.

Root for the user

You think from the user's point of view first, last and always. You are objective and do not let your own biases and project constraints be the starting points. You present a solid case based on synthesised information gathered through research or testing for your design decisions. You are able to run the processes and techniques that will help you collect this information.

Understand requirements and constraints

You can work with business and technology teams to understand the business requirement, technology constraints and recast those into a design brief and goal. You can create new idea pitches, develop concepts and quickly prototype your ideas.

Work in teams

You can work closely and constructively in participatory, agile, lean, team. You are able to work with business analysts, visual designers, researchers and front-end developers to arrive at a common goal. You inspire the team through collaboration as well as direction, vision, and planning of all aspects of design deliverables like sketches, storyboards, flows, wireframes, hi-fi prototypes, and vision pieces.


You are self-directed and can independently drive consulting gigs throughout all phases of a project, from translating verbal ideas into visual concepts, through to creating production-ready designs.


Your portfolio showcases user-centered & innovative thinking. You can prove ability to confidently facilitate discussions with clients, conduct brainstorming sessions, cultivate creative thinking process across team members. Your work shows mastery in contemporary design tools like Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch, Invision etc. 

Preferred requirements

  • 3 - 6 years of experience in UX Design.
  • M.Des/Bachelor’s degree in HCI or design related field, with an emphasis on user experience, interaction design, or visual design.
  • Experience designing for multiple device types and contexts (not limited to desktop, tablet, smartphone, no-screen interfaces)
  • Willingness to travel frequently

If you are still with us, we’d love to hear from you. Tell us a little bit about yourself, and of course send us a link to your work (resume, portfolio, blog, website).


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