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ThoughtWorks, Madrid

Creative Technology Consultants

When you join ThoughtWorks you join a wonderful community of people who are passionate about learning, and about sharing what they learn. A community that includes the people who write the books on software excellence and innovation, who write the tools that we all use. A community that is passionate about doing great work for interesting clients, and bringing those clients on a journey of change. A community that is determined to use software to improve lives.

Do you bring out the best in the teams you lead? Do you innovate on the best way to deliver business value through software? Are you frustrated with the old ways of building software? Do you get what it takes to deliver truly exceptional software? Are you willing to go where the action is to manage high-value projects? 

We are looking for someone who not only knows how to bring together a team to deliver great software to our clients but can help us build our footprint in a growing location. We need someone who sees technology, process, and organizational problems and is driven to fix them, and along the way influence the industry to move in a better direction.

As a Project Manager at ThoughtWorks, here's what you’ll get to do:

When some people think of leaders they see them working in corner offices at the top of the building. That’s not how it works here. Yes, you’ll be one of our experienced people and with that will come significant responsibility for how we manage and deliver business-critical software solutions. But we don’t do heavy management or big company politics.
We are collaborators, which mean you’ll sit around the same table as developers, architects, testers, and analysts, coming up with creative ways to translate concepts and ideas into practical and tactical solutions, foster innovation and maximize customer ROI.

You won’t be handed a one size fits all, traditional big consultancy methodology and be asked to enforce it. You will be asked to leverage cutting-edge Agile and Lean practices to lead self-organizing teams to deliver software that does exactly what is needed.

You’ll also need to be an experienced consultant, someone who has worked for a technology consultancy before and understands that while we’re growing in Barcelona, you might not be based there all the time.

This means:

  • Take the needs and challenges of a client and partner with them to formulate the delivery roadmap and project plans to support business strategies and goals.
  • Execute TW account strategy and orchestrate the creation and sale of successful value propositions at the company and individual level.
  • Navigate teams through all phases of project delivery to ensure successful delivery of exceptional technical solutions
  • Manage delivery scope and risks throughout the lifecycle of the project
  • Ensure the experience of engaging ThoughtWorks for delivery exceeds client expectations
  • Be an inspiration for innovation to the client.
  • Become a trusted and valued partner of the client executives: CIO, CTO, PMO and gain the confidence of the client’s business stakeholders.
  • Maintain, and deepen where possible, existing client relationships that yield continuing opportunities for ThoughtWorks.
  • Capture innovations, lessons learned and successes on projects and share them with the wider organization.
  • Build positive team dynamics and relationships with client staff; remedying dysfunction to maintain healthy and productive ThoughtWorks communities at the Client
  • Create and support sales activities
  • Maintaining strong expertise and knowledge of current and emerging technologies and products

And here’s what you’ll bring:

  • Project and program management experience
  • Experience running IT projects with multiple stakeholder involvement
  • Solid understanding of the practical application of agile development methods and leading software development teams in an Agile/Lean environment
  • Experience in planning and managing teams as well as financial, material, and information resources
  • Account development experience; creating, maintaining and/or enhancing customer relationships that have yielded business opportunity.

Ready? Do you see yourself working with us? Then reach out our recruitment team: [email protected] - they are looking forward to getting to know you!



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