Site Reliability Engineer (Remote)

TradeRev, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Revolutionizing Automotive Sales

Duration: Full-Time

Are you looking for a fun culture within a company that provides lots of professional opportunities and growth? KAR is a fast paced and dynamic and we’re currently seeking talented IT professionals to help us leapfrog forward into a modern, cloud-ready enterprise environment.

Who We Are: 
At KAR Global, the Technology Service Operations team designs deploys and operates infrastructure and applications across multiple hybrid cloud environments around the globe.  We are a dynamic and innovative team which aims to provide exceptional customer experience by leveraging best in class automation and orchestration practices for infrastructure and applications. 

We are responsible for the big picture of how our systems relate to each other, we use a breadth of tools and approaches to solve a broad spectrum of problems.  Practices such as limiting time spent on manual operational work, postmortems and proactive identification of potential outages factor into iterative improvements that are key to both product quality and technical standards.  Engineering positions here require you to be ambitious, have a bias for action and be accountable.
About Our Candidate: 
We aren’t looking for just any DBA; we’re looking for a database centric Site Reliability Engineer who shares our values and drive to consistently make things better.  As a Site Reliability Engineer, you will utilize your database and systems engineering background to build and run large-scale, distributed, fault-tolerant systems. Your role is to ensure that our systems - both internal and externally facing-have reliability and maximum uptime.  A strong background in cross functional technologies, current industry best practices and strong troubleshooting skills will be crucial to your success. 

We are looking for not only for senior experience with database administration but with automation, metrics, and tooling and a deep understanding of infrastructure and cloud architecture.  Our candidate will be well versed in creating and deploying large-scale, distributed, fault-tolerant systems that bring joy to all those who touch them.  This role would be 50% service operations and 50% systems development and automation engineering.  As the way we do business in IT changes you will be expected to spend half your time in an operations role doing on-call and service tickets with the other half helping to eliminate toil and adding value to our customers through design, automation, standardization and the lessons you’ve learned with service operations.
The Challenge Ahead: 
We have been on a years long initiative to modernize multiple platforms through tooling, metrics, testing, and automation.  To tear apart legacy “enterprise” monoliths and to reduce and modernize tech debt.  These efforts will result in our foundation of infrastructure as code and modern deployment practices.  Our customers, internal and external expect a lot from us, so we demand a lot from our engineers to ensure we exceed their expectations.   

Candidate Responsibilities:

  • Designing, building and maintaining database automation frameworks
  • Provide operational and on call support within 24/7 follow the sun support model
  • Evolving existing automation frameworks where necessary 
  • Drive repeatable results through automation practices
  • Instrument and automate away toil
  • Keep track and adapt to rapidly changing requirements in a rapidly evolving environment 
  • Improve overall deployment times and stability through automation solutions 
  • Mentorship within the automation and infrastructure teams
  • Understand that our ability to play with cool toys is directly related to our customer’s level of satisfaction with our offerings and the service we provide.


  • Very strong working knowledge in Oracle RDBMS 11g, 12c, 19c ASM RAC Oracle Golden Gate
  • Oracle Database and SQL Query Performance Tuning
  • Experience with Cassandra, PostGres and MySQL database technologies
  • Linux, VM Ware and storage systems experience required
  • Good understanding of networking and networking technologies required.
  • The ability to script and write programs in shell and at least one other programming language; such as Python, java or perl.
  • Excellent understanding of infrastructure design principles 
  • Working knowledge of modern application delivery methodologies such as containers, serverless frameworks, and microservices 
  • Strong background in multi-cloud architecture and deployment automation 
  • Experience working with public cloud database platforms (AWS, Azure and/or Google Compute).
  • Extensive experience with configuration management and infrastructure automation tools, i.e. Ansible, Terraform, Salt Stack, Puppet, Chef, etc.
  • Experience with the operational aspects of software systems such as monitoring, centralized logging, and alerting
  • Drive high standards around incident response practices and policies
  • Familiarity with Agile and SRE concepts
  • Undergraduate degree or appropriate industry experience of 6+ years in an Operational Role, DevOps, SRE or Software Engineering


  • Think creatively and come up with solutions when existing solutions are not working 
  • Ability to correlate issues in complex environments to troubleshoot and find root cause quickly 
  • Excited about tearing unfamiliar systems into “parts” to figure out how they work 
  • Organized to a level that gathering and recording detailed information about operational or software issues comes naturally 
  • You listen well, listening is the most important part of communication 
  • You realize learning publicly is good for everyone because the journey is more important than the result 
  • Driven to advocate for technology stacks which can solve problems the business is facing or will face 
  • Bias for action, understanding that when you build something you own it.
  • Ability to work on and troubleshoot complex systems under stressful circumstances.
  • Ability to cover on call rotations
  • The ability to juggle baby geese will be considered a plus

About TradeRev

TradeRev is unique because it was created for dealers by a group of people who love cars and are passionate about the industry. With this came a deep understanding of the age-old process of dealing with trade-ins and the challenges that existed within the sales infrastructure. We believe if the industry as a whole advances and evolves, we can live in a world where when it comes to buying a car, everyone comes out a winner.

 TradeRev Co-Founder Mark Endras recognized these challenges and a truly innovative solution was envisioned: a system that connects dealers all over North America to make moving wholesale inventory quicker, easier and more efficient than ever. The objective was to create technology that powers next-generation automotive marketplaces and, perhaps most ambitious of all, see a world where automotive transactions are fair and easy for everyone. Emboldened by his vision and determined to share his solution, Mark, along with co-founders Wade Chia, Jae Pak and James Tani, worked towards the launch of TradeRev in Toronto in 2011.


Want to learn more about TradeRev? Visit TradeRev's website.