Fullstack Engineers for new Tradeshift Unit focusing on Emerging Technologies

Tradeshift, Copenhagen, Denmark

Procure-to-pay, Supplier Engagement for Enterprise Procurement

Tradeshift is creating a new unit within Tradeshift that focuses on emerging technologies that will shape the next 10 years of commerce and supply chains. We believe that these technologies can be leveraged to make trade more inclusive, empowering, transparent and sustainable for all.

In this unit, we will build and midwife solutions and technology that will have real-world impact, by ourselves and together with partners and universities. Current technological focus will be around IIoT, AI / Machine learning and Blockchain, but this will evolve over time.

To achieve our mission we are looking to set a small core team of exceptional and adventurous full stack engineers (or broad front-end / back-enders) who can be instrumental in developing our technology-, development- and deployment stack, and take applications all the way from lab to production.

We are not looking for specialists in either area but for smart, experienced individuals who are strong learners and take an interest in how their technology choices help realizing our ideas and the value they are supposed to unlock and engage with the communities we connect with along the way. We will be working in startup mode with fast iterations and decision power but also very ambitious goals that we are responsible for reaching.

At Tradeshift, we are changing the way companies do business together by building the world's largest B2B network. We are defining the new standard for a new generation of business software that is connected, collaborative, people centered and the foundation of a growing software- and services ecosystem. We believe that by connecting businesses, people and financial transactions together in digital collaborative processes, we can create new value for every participant out of information that today is sitting stale behind corporate firewalls.

What you will be doing:

  • Take part in developing applications, POCs and labs focusing on emerging technologies, most of which will be shared publicly
  • Take part in establishing the technical infrastructure, standards and engineering culture of this unit
  • Take part in interviewing and on-boarding new engineering employees
  • To work on specific product development activities, both internal initiatives and together with partners
  • Be active in producing story raw material for our blogs and other public outlets
  • Stay closely engaged with our partners, users, Tradeshift and communities
  • Take part in establishing our core technical infrastructure creation - such as infrastructure, build, deployment, testing, operations
  • You will have your focus as an engineer - but be prepared to go anywhere in the product, the technical stack, our relationships, and anything we need to take care of as an independent business unit
  • You will be based in Copenhagen, but expect that there will be some travel activity, we’ll be flexible but our engagements may include partners and events anywhere

About you:

  • We are both looking for candidates that are either full-stack or broad front- or back-enders. So the team must eventually hold the skills below - you don’t need to check all the boxes. If you match on 60-80%, consider yourself to have relevant skillset.
  • Navigate complex tasks: We’ll be juggling many priorities while adjusting and learning like crazy, executing on ambitious goals while dealing with the unexpected
  • Good communication skills: We need to work well with our users, partners and stakeholders
  • Strong learner: You will need to pick up how the platform works fast, encompassing many technologies and business areas
  • Strong skills in high-level back-end language (e.g. Java)
  • Strong client-side and front-end SaaS application skills
  • Strong technology curiosity, you stay informed and understand current trends
  • Experience with Cloud-based architectures, build- and deployment models
  • Experience with relational and non-relational databases and database architecture
  • Experience designing and developing web services and infrastructure
  • Understand the tradeoffs between shipping code soon and finding a perfect solution
  • Experience with making your own technology and technical design decisions - and understanding how the technology decisions support the business goals
  • Integration experience
  • 4+ years development experience
  • Be fluent in English speaking, reading and writing
  • At least hold a masters Degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering, or comparable
Culture & Perks:
Tradeshift is a very special place. What makes and keeps us special is our people and how we work together. Our culture was formed from day one when three Danes poured their heart and soul into creating a platform that could connect every business in the world. We expect each employee to approach their job at Tradeshift with the same amount of pride and passion and embody the Tradeshift culture that makes us the best company in history.

At the center of Tradeshift’s values is the belief that the single most important thing we do is continue to hire the best people and create a workplace where they can thrive. To reward our employees for the great work they’re doing we offer a number of perks and benefits, including:

• Ambitious international startup
• Career and professional development opportunities
• Flexible hours
• Fully paid mobile phone and at home internet
• Lunch and snacks cooked in-house daily
• A competitive compensation package + equity
• Wellness program including in-house activities like yoga
• Volunteer program
• Fun company events like happy hours, hackathons, darts night, LAN parties, outings and more

About Tradeshift

The Tradeshift story So three Danes walk into a garage... It began with a dream. In 2005, entrepreneurs Christian, Mikkel and Gert had a vision: to connect every business in the world. So when the Danish National IT & Telecom Agency asked them to create an e-invoice network, they saw an opportunity to create something bigger. First, they built EasyTrade, the world’s first open-source trade platform.* (Did they blow a few minds and break some rules along the way? You bet they did.) Then, the trio got to work again. This time, to realize their vision of an open business platform for the whole world, not just Europe. A platform that would transform the way businesses work together. From broken to efficient; from complicated to simple; from archaic to modern. And so, Tradeshift was born.

Want to learn more about Tradeshift? Visit Tradeshift's website.