Sales Operations Manager

Tradeshift, San Francisco, California

Procure-to-pay, Supplier Engagement for Enterprise Procurement

Do you want to be a part of a growing and energetic startup with a product spanning 190 countries? Tradeshift is disrupting the enterprise software space in a big way. B2B has entered the Platform era and we are leading the charge.

By connecting companies of all sizes and providing them with the platform, network and tools needed to develop apps, communicate in real-time and create value from old processes like invoicing, payments and workflow, Tradeshift is redefining an enterprise space that has seen little change in many years. We recognize that business is messy and business is social. Understanding these two facts drives the development of Tradeshift - a platform for all your business interactions.

The Tradeshift network is growing at an unprecedented rate, and as such, the need for a Sales Operations Manager has grown. You must be extremely well organized, analytical, detail-oriented and quality-minded. You will be responsible for leading and managing all Sales Operations through the development, implementation and ongoing maintenance of sales and initiatives. You must be able to identify process improvements in reporting, analytics, forecasting and performance metrics. You will develop intuitive and reliable dashboards using tools such as Salesforce, and Microsoft Excel. You must be a collaborative problem-solver, who not only understands the numbers, but also the broader business context around them.

What you will be doing:

  • Develop key performance metrics and dashboards that help the sales organization focus on performance drivers
  • Analyze sales data and generate weekly forecast and metric reports for Sales Management
  • Partner with Marketing, Sales and Finance to define and improve our lead-to-bookings process
  • Work with available data to optimize customer/account targeting
  • Measure sales force productivity and ensures effective implementation of established strategies and tactics
  • Ensure effective analysis of sales force trends and performance in an effort to identify greater efficiencies
  • Develop and implement comprehensive pipeline reporting tools tracking opportunities from lead generation to revenue realization, account development and retention
  • Administer, manage, and report on revenue forecasting and automation/forecasting tools
  • Assist in all facets of sales planning, inclusive of regular updates to quotas, headcount, and sales plan
  • Develop sales training programs in close collaboration with product marketing
  • Develop key performance metrics and dashboards that help sales organization focus on key performance drivers

About you:

  • 5+ years experience in Sales Operations
  • Start up and SaaS experience strongly preferred
  • Demonstrated ability to define, refine and implement sales processes, procedures and policies
  • Ability to conduct sophisticated and creative analysis of complex data and translate the results into actionable deliverables, messages, and presentations
  • Previous experience in compensation analysis is a plus
  • Excellent Microsoft Excel skills
  • Strong problem solving and collaboration skills
  • Product oriented and strong analytical skills
  • Ability to work in a dynamic environment

Culture & Perks:

Tradeshift is a very special place. What makes and keeps us special is our people and how we work together. Our culture was formed from day one when three Danes poured their heart and soul into creating a platform that could connect every business in the world. We expect each employee to approach their job at Tradeshift with the same amount of pride and passion and embody the Tradeshift culture that makes us the best company in history.

At the center of Tradeshift’s values is the belief that the single most important thing we do is continue to hire the best people and create a workplace where they can thrive. To reward our employees for the great work they’re doing we offer a number of perks and benefits, including:

• Ambitious international startup
• Career and professional development opportunities
• Flexible hours
• Fully paid mobile phone
• A competitive compensation package + equity

About Tradeshift

The Tradeshift story So three Danes walk into a garage... It began with a dream. In 2005, entrepreneurs Christian, Mikkel and Gert had a vision: to connect every business in the world. So when the Danish National IT & Telecom Agency asked them to create an e-invoice network, they saw an opportunity to create something bigger. First, they built EasyTrade, the world’s first open-source trade platform.* (Did they blow a few minds and break some rules along the way? You bet they did.) Then, the trio got to work again. This time, to realize their vision of an open business platform for the whole world, not just Europe. A platform that would transform the way businesses work together. From broken to efficient; from complicated to simple; from archaic to modern. And so, Tradeshift was born.

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