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About Triplebyte
Triplebyte is transforming the way software engineers are hired. Our mission is to build an open, valuable and skills-based credential for all engineers. This is important because millions of people have skills (and deserve good jobs), but don’t fit the profile that recruiters seek. Another way of saying this is that talent is uniformly distributed, but opportunity is not. Our goal is to broaden the distribution of opportunity.

To do this, we have built a background-blind technical assessment and interview process, and we use it to find engineers and help them get jobs at 450+ top companies. Our rich understanding of candidates’ skills and propriety machine learning models enable us to find the right match between our candidates and partner companies. This is why companies like Apple, Dropbox and American Express trust Triplebyte’s technical assessment to identify the best engineers for their open roles and reduce the time and effort it takes to hire them.

We just raised a $35 million Series B and our team of 65 is growing quickly! Now is a great time to join as we're on an exciting growth trajectory. You will have lots of opportunities for taking on responsibility and developing new skills quickly.

Press Links
You can read more about our company and hear from our founders in the press here:

You can also read some case studies with a few of our partner companies like Box, Instacart, Mixpanel and Gusto and also learn more about us on our press page.

We're an experienced team, the founders have each built and sold companies before. Ammon and Guillaume founded Socialcam (acquired by Autodesk for $60 million) and Harj was the first partner hired at Y Combinator since its founding.

About The Role
Talent Managers are responsible for working with engineers we've identified as a good match for our partner companies (such as Dropbox, Stripe and Twitch). You'll spend time with each candidate to learn who they are and what they're looking for in their next career move. We want to provide every candidate with a highly personalized experience and help them through every part of the job search process. Starting with getting ready for their first phone calls through to deciding between offers. You can read in more detail how we think about this role here.

Having some experience with technical recruiting, or the technology industry in general, will help a lot. If you've been working as an internal recruiter at a company, you'll really enjoy these three things about this role:

(1) You don't have to spend any time sourcing (cold outreach, etc), all the engineers have applied directly to us and are in the job search process. Our partnership agreements with companies also guarantee that our candidates are fast tracked through to their final round onsite interviews.

(2) You get to work representing different candidates and learning about them, which is more varied than delivering a single company sales pitch repeatedly. Your interests are with advocating for the candidate and what's best for them based on their desires and motivations.

(3) You'll be working at a company where improving the hiring process is our core product. We want you to contribute ideas on how we can improve the experience for candidates and will treat these as top priority.

Being a Talent Manager requires a lot of context switching and multi-tasking. You have to be super organized and detail orientated. The position requires a genuine interest in people and showing empathy as they explain what they're looking for is important. You'll also need to be adaptable, things can change rapidly during a job search process as a candidate gets new offers and you'll need to help them navigate this and make the best possible choice.

Role Responsibilities

  • Talking to our engineering candidates and learning about their motivation and what they're looking to achieve in their career.
  • Managing the process for each candidate, making sure they're set up to meet companies and things are moving along smoothly.
  • Providing support and advice to candidates throughout the process, especially as they interview at companies.
  • Contributing ideas on how we can improve the candidate experience and process.

What You Need to be Successful

  • We're working on a problem that has both a clear business model and big positive impact on the world. By building a hiring process that focuses on just skills, not background, we can end credentialism and open up access to the best career opportunities to anyone.
  • The product is working and we've reached profitability. Our biggest constraint is scaling our process to keep up with the inbound applications we're getting from engineers.
  • We have an experienced founding team that's perfect for solving this problem. Harj was previously the first Y Combinator partner hired by its founders. Ammon and Guillaume founded Socialcam, acquired by Autodesk for $60 million.
  • Some of the best investors are backing us, including Paul Graham & Jessica Livingston (founders of Y Combinator), Sam Altman (President of Y Combinator), Drew Houston (founder of Dropbox) and others: http://techcrunch.com/2015/09/28/triplebyte-3m/

Compensation and Benefits
Competitive salary and stock options package
Open vacation policy
Employer paid health, vision and dental insurance
401(k) plan with matching
Pre-tax commuter benefits
Daily catered lunches

Our Mission
We believe strongly in building a truly meritocratic, unbiased process for finding great talent. Even the best technology companies today still use where people went to college as a proxy for intelligence and ability. We're building a process that looks only at ability, not credentials, so we can have a future where everyone can focus on just learning and being good at what they do, not how they look on paper.

Every aspect of running a company has been improved over the last decade, except hiring. Most decisions are still made using amorphous terms like "gut feel" or "culture fit". They should be made using crisp data. Only a company specializing on this problem, using data collected from the hiring process at hundreds of companies, can solve it. That's the company we're building. Our mission is creating a scientific method for identifying great talent and intelligently routing it to the best place. Starting with software engineers.

About Triplebyte

We believe the current technical hiring process doesn’t do enough to help engineers show their strengths. At Triplebyte, we’re dedicated to building a better process. OUR ORIGINS Hiring is something that resonated deeply with all three of our founders. Hiring is hard. It’s something our founders understand well. Before starting Triplebyte, Harj was the first partner at Y Combinator, where young companies often struggle to hire their first employees. Guillaume and Ammon were working on Socialcam (later acquired by Autodesk in 2012 for $60M), where they also experienced firsthand the challenges of hiring. Triplebyte was founded on the belief that the current technical hiring process doesn’t do enough to help engineers show their strengths. Our founders started Triplebyte to help engineers find great jobs by assessing their abilities without relying on the prestige of their resume credentials.


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