Senior Software Engineer - Full Stack, Udemy for Business

Udemy, Dublin, Ireland

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Udemy for Business helps global companies stay competitive in the digital transformation of the workplace by offering fresh, personalized, and on-demand learning content. Our business offering leverages the marketplace catalogue of over 100,000 courses serving upward of 30M students. We are looking for a full-stack engineer to help us build out and scale up the best workplace learning experience in the industry.

You will be responsible for developing APIs that enable business customers to seamlessly integrate with Udemy for Business, manage their employees in a secure environment, drive learning for their employees through various programs and incentives, and monitor their performance and engagement via purpose-built analytics solutions. You will collaborate on developing product features, working on designing intuitive UI interactions, convenient APIs and a scalable architecture behind it all. Furthermore, your team will be responsible for high-level monitoring and reliability of the features that you build.

Today we like React/MobX for UI and Python/Django/MySQL on the backend, but we are constantly reevaluating our choices to make sure we use the right tools for the job, so we’re also working with Docker, ElasticSearch, AWS, Kotlin, Kubernetes, etc. where appropriate. Our team members have a wide variety of backgrounds and we strongly believe that diversity, open-mindedness, and good communication yield the best results. We are looking for someone to join the team who has demonstrable experience in some of the areas listed below and a desire to learn and master anything else that comes their way - we are a learning company after all!

Below is a list of some of the competencies and experiences that will help you do well in this role:

  • Modern JavaScript: ES6, React/MobX or similar framework
  • Python/Django or similar language/ORM
  • Relational databases (MySQL, Postgres)

We believe anyone can build the life they imagine through online learning. Today, more than 40 million students around the world are advancing their careers and passions by exploring and mastering new skills on Udemy, and expert instructors are able to share their knowledge with the world. Through our global marketplace and our solutions for businesses and governments, we connect people everywhere with the skills they need for success in work and life. We’re a close-knit bunch that enjoys problem-solving and collaboration, and we share a serious belief in the power of learning and teaching to change lives. Udemy’s culture encourages innovation, creativity, passion, and teamwork. We also celebrate our milestones and support each other every day.

Founded in 2010, Udemy is privately owned and headquartered in San Francisco’s SOMA neighborhood with offices in Denver (Colorado), Dublin (Ireland), Ankara (Turkey), and São Paulo (Brazil).

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