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Did you know that as little as 1% of industrial data is being used today? With the rise of commoditized sensors, connected technology, massive storage capacity and growing processing power, every asset in every industry is capable of generating valuable data at incredible scale. This key information can answer the most critical questions across your operations and open the door to unprecedented business advantages. At Uptake, our purpose-built products ingest and analyze sensor and enterprise data, transforming it into actionable insights and immediate outcomes. Together with our customers, we drive real business value and set new standards for productive, secure, safe and reliable operations. We believe companies and people should love the technology they experience. We are field engineers, technologists and data scientists who deliver great software that is easy to use. Above statistic: McKinsey & Company

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Customer Success



Chicago, IL (Preferred) or Remote



600 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60654

Uptake Dealer

Quality Engineer

Remote or Greater Toronto Area

Sr. Director, Engineering

Remote or Greater Toronto Area

Customer Support Representative

Remote or Greater Toronto Area