Business Development Rep

UserTribe, London

Customer Empowered Business

Who are we?

UserTribe is one of the fastest growing customer centricity platforms in the world. Our vision is a world where companies create products, services and experiences which the world actually needs. We try to achieve this by bringing customer-centricity and ‘lean startup’ methodology to the heart of decision-making at enterprises. By facilitating customers’ interactions with our clients’ ideas, concepts, prototypes and marketing material, we enable our clients to involve customers at every stage of their workflows. This results in much shorter time-to-market, products & services which solve a real need, and marketing campaigns which delight customers. We enable our clients to utilize customers in multiple feedback loops over short time, to enable design-thinking and the new way of working.

We have built a company which is a thought-leader in customer centricity globally, grown our business by 350% in 1 year, and are now 60 people in Denmark, with a small and growing office in London. Having been bootstrapped from the start, we will be taking in our Series A funding in the first half of 2019, as we will accelerate our growth and internationalization. The team you will be working with on a day-to-day basis consists of entrepreneurs as well as profiles from McKinsey, Oliver Wyman, and Kunde & Co, providing you with ample opportunity to learn from a diverse group of brilliant people.

What are we offering?

You will take on the role as Business Development Representative for our London Office, responsible for driving our product further in the market by introducing UserTribe to new leads and get them interested enough to book a meeting with us. You will do so by becoming an expert in understanding our possible future clients’ business situations and contexts and how customer centricity can help them innovate and solve their problems.

As Business Development Representative you will therefore create new opportunities for us and be the first interaction point for future clients. Ultimately, you will be a valuable part of our sales team and help generate new accounts and sales leading to further grow the company. 

What would your role be?

  • Be an expert in our product, design-thinking and customer-centricity with the ability to quickly engage people with a pitch
  • Manage the top-level funnel with the responsibility of engaging leads and book meetings
    • Map organizations of interest identifying relevant functions and leads through LinkedIn
    • Create and extract call lists
    • Read into their company context and strategic issues and prepare an engagement pitch
    • Reach out to leads by calling or email with the goal of booking a first meeting with them
    • Book initial meetings and hand over the contact to senior employees in your team
    • Reactivate old leads with the focus of engaging them in our product and turning a no into a yes

What would you get out of it?

  • Become an expert in how to engage leads by understanding their contexts and challenges and how these can be turned into advantages by becoming customer centric. Ultimately, you will develop great communication and sales engagement skills  
  • Get a chance to pitch our innovative and successful product, which is a global leader in its category - and with plenty of opportunity for further market growth
  • Opportunities to engage some of the most exciting companies in the world, and drive our company and product further in the market
  • Get a unique opportunity to be part of a company building up a global presence and is growing at 100% per year
  • Be challenged, grow and learn with plenty possibility to climb the latter
  • Take advantage of a flexible working culture with freedom to structure and influence your own work
  • Work with in a team of experienced, competent and inspiring yet down-to-earth people in a high-performance environment
  • Join a newly started office in London and be a part of the journey in opening, scaling and maintaining a new office for company on tremendous growth trajectory

Who are we looking for?

  • You are looking for an entry position into sales and have a “Hunter mentality” – with a desire to learn and become a top salesman able to close big deals
  • You are charismatic and have exceptional communication skills, and you are eager to pick up the phone and call new leads
  • You can understand company contexts and business challenges and are not afraid of tackling a slightly complex product making selling it into your specialty
  • You bring positive energy to your co-workers, always have a smile on your face, and have a strong can-do attitude
  • You are able to work in a very structured way constantly managing the leads pipeline
  • You dare to test, fail and learn and thrive in a high-paced environment

We look for top performing and passionate people who want to go the extra mile, who lead the way and take on the responsibility to make the most of their potential. Ultimately a rocket mindset who wants to be part of our growth journey.

We are located at 41 Luke St, London EC2A 4DP, UK, in a nice office with a light-hearted atmosphere. The tempo is high, and you can expect a challenging workday. We invite you to join us and help us create a global winner with big ambitions where only the sky is the limit.

About UserTribe

UserTribe is more than a company. We want to create a movement: Customer Empowered Business. We hear from a lot of companies stuck in a similar position: they know that customer-centricity is the key for future success; they have hired team members with competencies in agile development and user experience; their marketing teams are focused on mapping and improving the customer journey. But they run into a problem in one critical area: actually involving their customers in their work processes. This is perfectly understandable – traditional customer research is complicated, costly and takes a long time to produce value. UserTribe takes the hassle out of customer research, enabling you to involve your customers in your workflows on an ongoing basis, without delay.


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