UserTribe, Copenhagen

Customer Empowered Business

We are always looking for talented people to join us. If none of the open positions apply to you, let us know how you think you can add value to UserTribe. We are open to application for both full-time, part-time, interns and student jobs. 

We are looking forward to hear what you can contribute with!

About UserTribe

UserTribe is more than a company. We want to create a movement: Customer Empowered Business. We hear from a lot of companies stuck in a similar position: they know that customer-centricity is the key for future success; they have hired team members with competencies in agile development and user experience; their marketing teams are focused on mapping and improving the customer journey. But they run into a problem in one critical area: actually involving their customers in their work processes. This is perfectly understandable – traditional customer research is complicated, costly and takes a long time to produce value. UserTribe takes the hassle out of customer research, enabling you to involve your customers in your workflows on an ongoing basis, without delay.


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